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LINGUA LUSTRA: Sonic Being (2019)

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Sonic Being is a deep cosmic ambient opus that might lead you to a great moment of meditation, if not of sleep

1 Sentinel 10:08 2 Sweet Oscillation 12:51 3 Gem Float 7:16 4 Love Prism 24:47

Exosphere | exo07

(CD/DDL 55:02) (V.F.)

(Deep Cosmic Ambient Music)

It starts with a piercing breath. By an interstellar wave that has the same stridency as these spaceships that have came from another dimension in The War of the Worlds. In fact, it may well be a shower of fiery volcanic rocks from Pluto or from beyond. It's high-pitched and it whistles violently between synth pads stuffed with a less icy mist. I have already heard these sounds in the Solar Fields archipelagos. But here, there will be no rhythms. In fact, there will be none on SONIC BEING, but many noises that will be associated with a universe of interstellar stridulations. A dialect of machines and of tepid buzzes split the Sentinel atmospheres that sway between the discomfort of its coldness and with synth pads to the colors of Chronos a precursor album of Michael Stearns cosmic processions. And always, the impression of drifting into the cosmos is brilliantly tied to our senses and our sound observations. SONIC BEING is the brand new opus of Lingua Lustra. His 2nd on the American label Exosphere, after Nautilus last year, for this sculptor of cosmic atmospheres who is from the country of Ron Boots, the Netherlands. Albert Borkent is Lingua Lustra! Sharing his creations between the pseudonyms of Sol Tek and Lingua Lustra, Albert Borkent has earned an excellent reputation in the community by presenting works of great sonic precision. His 30 albums have been on various labels, such as Databloem, Spiritech, Psychonavigation Records, Lagerstätte and Synphaera Records' sub-label; Exosphere Music, which specializes in deeply ambient-cosmic works. In a 24 Bit realization for download formats, this SONIC BEING proposes 4 movements of intensely immersive cosmic atmospheres that are inspired by the works of a pioneer of the genre; Michael Stearns.

Sweet Oscillation softens our ears with slow and peaceful oscillations which circulate on a comfortable bed of heavenly mist. A slight buzz, the drones are quite present in this album, is the source of this accumulation of misty layers waltzing with the reflections of the oblivion among the meteorite falls and their whistling sighs. The scenery is incredibly rich and textured with a precision that no doubt meets, at least mine, this perception of a symphony of empty voices and black cosmos. It's a very quiet title, apart from these whistling of agonizing meteorites, with slow interstellar layers very effective to meditate or move towards the arms of Morpheus. But I prefer these layers drenched with secret voices that buzz and lie down in the ambiences of Gem Float. Other synth layers advance with slow sonic wings which carry the murmurs of chimes. Chirpings of birds flirt with these murmurs, giving a lyrical touch to this cosmic ode where the slow oscillations are formed that float with a timeless zigzag shape in the movement. The more I think about it and the more I hear Michael Stearns' huge influence in the depths of SONIC BEING. The long Love Prism begins with an inexhaustible falls of synth lines that flow into a basin filled with seraphic voices. A slow bass line, that our ears have encountered in Gem Float, carves a phantom rhythm powered by mute implosions. The voices dominate the musical aspect of the lines that fall like a sustained sound storm, creating a thick curtain of absent voices from which filtered chords as secret and discreet as this bass line. I found it very beautiful and very intense! Enough to interest me a little more in Nautilus since I found SONIC BEING an ideal music to guide me to the night and its sleep.

Sylvain Lupari (May 19th, 2019) ***½**

Available at Synphaera's Bandcamp

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