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MURMURE D'OR The Best of 2015

Such as voted by the auditors of our Radio Show; Murmure Du Son, and the readers of our Blog, here is the list of the best albums in EM of 2015. The way we proceeded to end with this list is the following: a) The comments we received about a track or an album that we have played on our Radio Show b) The special requests on our Radio Show c) Our mutual picks, Robert Hamel and I Then we created a list of the artists and albums selected to which the voters have voted during the months of January and February 2015. Here are the Murmure D'Or of 2015 *NEW COMERS OF 2015* 1) SAMARKANDE 2) The Tower Tree 3) Colin Rayment *BEST COMPILATION* 1) TANGERINE DREAM: BoosterVII 2) E-Scape from AD Music 3) The Archives from Indra *BEST E-ROCK album* 1) MYTHOS: JULES VERNE FOREVER 2) Faber: Dark Sun 3) Colin Rayment: Abstract Dimensions These albums have also received a fair amount of preliminary votes Xan Alexander: Elektro-Technology, Baltes & Erbe: S-Thetic², Robert Fox: Into the Light (Remastered), Andy Pickford: Vanguard 1,Uwe Reckzeh: Perfection Mode, Matthew Stringer: The Second Sun, Sensitive Chaos: March of the Timeshifters and Von Hallgath: Easterfield *BEST AMBIENT, DARK & TRIBAL AMBIENT* 1) ROACH, METCALF & THOMAS: Monuments of Ecstasy 2) Arcane: Black Night 3) Steve Roach: Etheric Imprints These albums have also received a fair amount of preliminary votes Alpha Wave Movement's Earthen, Dave Bessell's Black Horses of the Sun, Jeffrey Koepper's Konnektions and Deborah Martin's Eye of the Wizard *BEST EM OF 2015* 1) ORDO AB CHAO from SAMARKANDE 2) Transposing from The Tower Tree 3) Blue Dream from Sequentia Legenda These albums have also received a fair amount of preliminary votes Airsculpture's Vanishing Point Volume I, Arc for Arclight, Alien Nature & Stan Dart for Accelerator, Ivan Black for his All's Well That Ends Well, Brückner & Betzler for Two, Cosmic Ground's Cosmic Ground 2, Fryderyk Jona's Electronic Ballad, Gert Emmens'Triza, E-Tiefengrund for The Code, Bertrand Loreau pour son From Past to Past, Kurtz Mindfields' Journey Through the Analog Adventure (45 Years of Electronic Exploration), MoonSatellite's Sleep Awake, Redshift for Life to Come, Steve Roach's Skeleton Keys, Mario Schönwälder & Frank Rothe for Filter-Kaffee 102 and finally Johan Tronestam's Roswell Lot of great albums which will fill hours of sound pleasure. Thanks to all those artists who made of 2015 another great year in EM and thanks to you who voted and made this first adventure of Murmure D'Or a small success which will grow from year to year. So, on behalf of Robert Hamel amd me, million of THANKS!

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