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Mutagénèse Microcosm (2023)

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

For fans of deep and dark cosmic ambient music

1 Biosynthesis 7:24

2 Homeostasis 13:16

3 Inside Proteus 8:06

4 Biowaves 12:56

5 Morphogenesis 11:28

(CD-(r)/DDL 53:18) (V.F.)

(Dark cosmic ambient music)

It is with glass tinklings whose resonances pierce a dense veil of dull buzzes that Biosynthesis clings to our ears. The opening is variegated and bickers between different sound textures that reverse their appearances. Apart from the long reverberating drone effects that grumble like beasts roaming the corridors of the abyss, the more or less ethereal breaths and different textures of hollow breezes, Mutagénèse makes bouncing some crackling that dance on a drum skin. An atmospheric track without any rhythmic life but driven by orchestral flights, Biosynthesis unveils the main lines of the Montreal musician-synthesist's 4th album which is centered on the principle of exploratory and experimental electronic music (EM) stripped of all sources of rhythm. Basically, MICROCOSM follows this tangent where a more rhythmic album of Mutagenesis is followed by a more ambient one, exactly like Exploration Spatiale which followed Errance Planétaire, while the disturbing and atmospheric elements of Ganymede are transposed on the 5 structures of this first album of the Montrealer on SynGate.

A vibratory wave pushes the limits of the Cosmos in Homeostasis towards our ears. Sculpted in the cosmic ambiances of Max Corbacho, the music develops slowly with good sleepy layers that waltz into the unknown. These orchestrations support an improbable aerial chant born from a fusion of hybrid tonalities and of which the floatings weave a seductive atmospheric melody. Interstellar tinklings shimmer in the lost horizons of Inside Proteus. Proteus is one of Neptune's largest known moons, and Mutagenesis covers it in mystery with a shadowy tone and lunar airs hummed by astral sirens. The movement is as slow as Homeostasis. On the other hand, it offers a whole range of emotions with a superposition of synth layers whose songs, buzzes and cosmic dust merge as a primary element to the conception of Proteus. A track of darker cosmic ambiences, Biowaves moves in waves, with synth pushes whose wakes overflow with drones. The title proposes some short phases where translucent elements form brief odes without specific harmonies. Tinklings, with composite tonalities, well dispersed in its firmament of resonant drones complete this dark panorama of interstellar ambiences. The track offers a finale as intense as infernal, a bit like if Biowaves' journey ended on the other side of hells. Morphogenesis borrows a bit of the mystery elements that feed Inside Proteus. There are beautiful modulations and two ascending phases in this track that divides its time well between exploratory impetus and good orchestral layers in an atmosphere where cosmic noises have this gift to awaken the instincts of curiosity that inhabit our ears.

MICROCOSM is an album of cosmic ambiences that are very similar to those of Max Corbacho. Mutagénèse multiplies its phases of tenebrous mysteries, like its cosmic waltzes that float on different degrees of ambient momentums. I found that it listens quite well, the sound envelope is as invasive as a soundtrack of a documentary about planets, and that there are enough elements to go at the conquest of the Canadian musician-synthesist's previous albums. For fans of deep and dark cosmic ambient music.

Sylvain Lupari (February 27th, 2023) ***½**

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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