• Sylvain Lupari


Ostinato rhythms and high tension vibes are among the prerogative of Aeon 2

1 Cycles 5 (16:03)

2 Cycles 6 (11:05)

3 Cycles 7 (15:14)

4 Cycles 8 (14:31)

5 Cycles 9 (14:16)


(CD/DDL 71:09) (V.F.)

(Dark ambient Orchestral bursts)

When I wrote my chronicle about Aeon 1, I knew what this AEON 2 was made of! And I welcomed the idea of Nothing but Noise to split this new creative quest in 2 parts, since AEON 2 is very different. Rhythms condemned to turn into curt and jerky repetitive orchestral movements, ambiences conceived in the bold creativity of the Belgian duo and visions of tension and/or horror are the prerogative of this second part of AEON that brings us to the deepest of our perceptions. And yet, beauty nests on this devil's nest! We find it in the fluidity of some orchestrations as well as in the melodious threads that we find during one passage to another. Or in these judicious patterns of the sequencer which allies rhythm and harmony under the same cut, question to decorate a first listening with these points more beautiful than its opposite. Welcome to the dark orchestral psybient of NBN!