• Sylvain Lupari

OLIVIER BRIAND: Rêves Et Cauchemars (2013)

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Rêves et Cauchemars is a feast of sounds, on a music that crosses the boundaries of Roach, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream

1 Introduction Onirique 7:57

2 Searching for a Sleep 11:58

3 Travelling Mind 8:31

4 Hypercool Pink 12:07

5 Living in a Dream 9:12

6 Mystic Revelation 12:14

7 Ambiant and Cosmic 13:12

8 Origin of Time 12:11

9 The End of a Dream 11:17

PWM 2012

(DVD 91:26) (V.F.)

(Ambient and psychedelic EM)

EM is an intellectual, a cerebral art which couples marvellously with the abstract art. One remembers these concerts of electronic, progressive or psychedelic music of the 70's? Often, they were accompanied with projections of abstract drawings, with images in constant duel between the arc of the civilization and of its cosmic eye or still with laser beams. Light shows, it was named! It was the words put in music, the vision of music composers without words, or with so few. This way of making thing has end by being lost in time, breathless it became by the kaleidoscopic prisms which were dying of a lack of resource, of creativity. Answering an invitation threw by the city of Vertou, municipality on the West of France, Olivier Briand and Guillaume Diard are uniting music and images for a concert given on April 13th, 2012. RÊVES ET CAUCHEMARS renews with this old tradition. It's the meeting point between an EM which embraces all its qualifiers and all of its subtleties in order to follow the highly paradoxical panoramas of computer generated images, sepia images, allegorical drawings and visual effects which surround both the music of Olivier Briand and its subdued silhouette. A very discreet OB, but not his music, who agrees to play the absentees to let all the room for this allegory of images where our cities get lost in clouds in split, where the cosmos is melting in our oceans and where the synthetic spider webs becomes confused with the skeletons of our technologies. This is a concert of music and images that is worth all the words.

Introduction Onirique spreads the impact of its naming with an ambi