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RAMSAYGEE: Exotique (2009)

In a good blend of styles, this album is full of little musical surprises that charm

1 Eastronica 5:04

2 Sentinels of the Sea 4:52

3 Soar 7:17

4 After the Storm 6:15

5 Origin 4:47

6 El Cielo Chispeante 6:12

7 Gardenias & Myrrh 7:31

8 Tatsu Dansu (Dragon Dance) 5:46

9 Fire in your Eyes 6:21

10 Soul Friend 8:20

11 Walking Within 8:02

12 World Peace 5:27

(CD-R/ DDL 75:55) (V.F.)

(Synth-Pop, EM, World Music)

Here is a pleasant discovery from AD Music. Born in South Africa, Gareth Ramsay fits perfectly with the musical philosophy of David Wright's label with a world music album that oscillates between the frontiers of EM and New Age, even touching a jazz vision. Available for download on the English site, EXOTIQUE is a second album with varied rhythms where the tribal approach crosses fragmented rhythms that are torn between the romantic approaches of Mike Oldfield and of Edgar Froese. A nice surprise that will delight those who appreciate Paul Haslinger's forays into Middle Eastern tribal music.

Eastronica features an intriguing, undulating intro that becomes a light tribal trance with a Middle Eastern fluty synth that percussions' hit with a nice serpentine bass line. Slowly, Ramsaygee immerses us in an exotic flavor with heavier percussions, its synth with oriental harmonies and its haunting Baladi dance rhythm that charms in a semi-spectral ambience. The synth is nasal and borrows different sound waves, creating one of the countless charms of the album. Sentinel of the Sea is a mysterious electro-pop that reminds me of Walter Christian Rothe on Let the Night Last Forever. Soar amazes with a gentle rhythm where an acoustic guitar crosses with electric guitar's confusing solos and lonely piano notes that fly over percussion rolls. After the Storm is another nice surprise not too far from Mike Oldfield's with its harmonious approach and its synth with a very catchy chorus. Origin is more tribal trance with good frenetic tabla percussions that roll on a good bass line and a synth with melodic variations close to After the Storm, but with more hazy layers and spectral breaths. With its penetrating bass chords and jazzy piano, El Cielo Chispeante is constantly torn between a gentle cadence and a romantic ambience with the Spanish chords from a good acoustic guitar.

Gardenias & Myrrh offers a soft melancholic intro initiated by a piano that follows the paths of a beautiful ballad of a New Age style. This is also found on Soul Friend but with a nasal synth instead of a piano and a soft electric guitar with vaporous solos, as well as on Walking Within and its piano approach but whose rhythms are more constant and torn. Tatsu Dansu (Dragon Dance) is another track with an amazing tribal approach by its superb percussions playing that feeds a daring jerky cadence. A rhythm wrapped in an oriental spectral approach. Fire in your Eyes embraces a tribal rhythm in a slightly ambient musical universe. World Peace concludes this string of 12 tracks with a haunting rhythm and a musical structure close to Mike Oldfield

This EXOTIQUE of Ramsaygee is an album full of little musical surprises that charm and surprise. A good meshing of styles which is carried out in smoothness and harmony on rather catchy tribal rhythms. A good album that will charm the fans of a World Music with multiple electronic flavors.

Sylvain Lupari (October 7th, 2011) *****

Available at AD Music

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