• Sylvain Lupari

REMY: Exhibition of Dreams (99-09)

“Between the audacity of Klaus Schulze and the romanticism of Indra, EOD is an inescapable and one of the big EM albums in 99 as in 09”

1 Entering The Dream 11:53

2 Velocity 11:30

3 Lunascape 17:19

4 Silent Conversations 8:02

5 Mirage 22:58

AKH Records 10091

(CD 71:55) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

The musical universe of Remy is between the audacity of Klaus Schulze and the romanticism of Indra. An exhilarating music, shaded of a strange melancholy which recalls the old French movies, as well as the somber post-war art. Initially released in 1999, as a double cd, EXHIBITION OF DREAMS is Remy's very first musical essay. Out of print since a long time, AKH Records has decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary with 3 projects; a single CD where Remy carefully chose to rework 5 tracks, a complete remasterised version in a special edition of 3 CD, including a bonus CD containing 6 tracks from the vaults of the 1999 studio sessions. These last 2 items will see the day in early January 2010. So, in the waiting of those releases, I'll talk about this reworking version of EOD which contains 5 tracks judiciously selected by the Dutch synthesist.

A soft mellotron with fluty breaths waltz in suspension straight from Entering the Dream opening, a new version of Into the Dream. Already we seize the strangely romantic atmosphere which will ensue from this selection that is EXHIBITION OF DREAMS. A melodious opening, imprint of nostalgia, which flows on a harmonious sequential approach from which loops are spreading out under delicate pulsations from a discreet bass. Between calm and tearing, the synth goes with suave ethereal approaches, as a lonely guitar which cries out its night-solitude. In halfway, the sequence gets loose and borrows a more limpid sonority under a thunder of percussions which roll on howling synth solos, bringing a determinedly more rock touch to Entering the Dream which continues to roam between hybrid rhythms and hard-hitting drum strikes. Velocity wears well the colors of its title with the sequencer that cuts out an opening fast and sharp. This minimalism approach is boiling under good violin strata that chops a neurotic structure. Sometimes supported by percussion and sometimes by an undulating bass structure, Velocity offers an oppressive rhythm throughout its 11 minutes. A stationary rhythm that gives a strange feeling of being out of breath, with its frantic pace and random palpitations, a bit like when you're trapped in a nightmare.