• Sylvain Lupari


Updated: Feb 21

“This is another very solid album of purely Berlin School out of Groove. But are we surprised that much!?”

1 In Traffic 20:16 2 Morning Flight 8:55 3 Walking Marley 9:33 4 Last Day 6:57 5 Slab 17:53 Groove | GR-233

(CD/DDL 63:35) (V.F.) (Sequencer-based Berlin School)

Ron Boots is a tireless worker and an unavoidable visionary in the field of EM. Year after year, his label Groove realizes a little find or digs up a one of the old guard. And 2017 is no exception! We were entitled to the splendid Sequencer Rarities from Rudy Adrian, besides of the very strong Fine Tunes from Beyond Berlin. And now it's Stephan Whitlan's turn to get out of the shade and offer a very good album of an EM built on the bases of old good Berlin School. Except to have heard his music with Graham Getty (Higher Green Session</