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TANGERINE DREAM: Booster IV (2011)

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Booster IV is less honest than the quality of its tracks but remains a decent compilation

CD I 74:31

1 A Streetcar Named Desire-Mellow Tyre Mix (2011 remix) 8:34

2 Alchemy of The Heart 2010 (2010 re-recording) 6:13

3 Culpa Levis 2010 (2010 re-recording) 8:10

4 Warhol's New York Walk 4:10

5 Dominion 2010 (2010 re-recording) 5:31

6 A Snail's Dream 4:23

7 Arctic Sunrise 5:10

8 The Lion of the Law 6:35

9 Solution of all Problems-Think Pink Mix (2011 remix) 6:19

10 Thorns from Heaven 5:57

11 Babylon the Great Has Fallen 13:24

CD II 75 :22

1 Mombasa-Tuareg Remix [2010 remix] 9:42

2 Zulu 8:28

3 Armageddon in the Rose Garden

Part II 7:12

4 Going West 2009 (Live Izu Japan 2009) 4:09

5 Devotion 9:08

6 Long Island Sunset 2010 (Live in London 2010) 6:53

7 Breaching Sky 4:02

8 Paddington at Five 6:22

9 Purple Diluvial 2011 (2011 re-recording) 19:22

Eastgate – 048 CD

(CD/DDL 149:44) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, Ambient, New Age, Berlin)

Was a BOOSTER IV necessary? This latest compilation follows a lean year in which the Eastgate factory seemed to be slowing down. In 2010, Eastgate produced 9 albums and 1 DVD, but only 1 original album, The Endless Season and 1Mini Cupdisc, Zeitgeist which already includes 2 remixes and a rendition of a Beatles song. The 8 other albums are live albums, compilations, a cover album, Under Cover-Chapter One and DM V remixed by Jerome Froese. So, admit that the sauce was very clear to explain the need for a Booster. But we must believe that year after year, Eastgate or maybe Edgar Froese seems to lack money pocket.

CD 1 starts with a new version of A Streetcar Named Desire- Mellow Tyre Mix where the rhythms are similar and the intonations different. Nothing very original, it's TD with the so familiar sounds and rhythms of the last years. But it starts well enough this compilation which, to be honest, is just...honest. This is followed by a live version of Alchemy of the Heart, one of the good titles of the Franke, Froese and Haslinger era. And I have to admit that I like the interpretation made by the new version of the Dream. Culpa Levis 2010? Not capable! I can't stand this rhythm that is totally devoid of bite and that gives way to soulless tribal voices. Warhol's New York Walk is a new track, and it sounds exactly like real good Froese but without the complex approach. A nice electronic ballad that brings us back to the Pinnacles era, as well as Thorns from Heaven that has more character with a nice rhythmic turn. As for Dominion 2010, it's probably one of the worst interpretations that Tangerine Dream could have made of one of its tracks. It lacks imagination and conviction! A Snail's Dream is another novelty that gets into the rhythm with a synth stuck on the same chorus. I like better the 2nd part which has more punch. In the end, it really brings nothing new to the discography of TD. The same goes for The Lion of the Law which is a languid ballad with melancholic guitar solos that roar on a growing cadence, while the last new track, Artic Sunrise, is a ballad that relies on delicate guitar and synth riffs, percussions and chords as light as the synthesized vocals. An aspect where Edgar is definitely lacking in dexterity, except for Solution of all Problems (Think Pink Mix) from Madcap's Flaming Duty. Presented here without vocals, it's very moving and dark. A beautiful track that reinforces my opinion on this album. If you don't have yet the excellent mini-cupdisc; Purple Diluvial (which is out of print) this Booster gives you the chance to repair this serious omission because it's a superb musical jewel (read the review) and the 3 tracks (Babylon the Great Has Fallen, Armageddon in The Rose Garden Part II and Purple Diluvial) are on this BOOSTER IV but with a new version for the title-track. This, I like!

When I talk about a band that is looking for itself and that sometimes cruelly lacks imagination, Mombasa (Tuareg Remix) is a striking example. Taken from DM V, the musical structure of this track is nevertheless full of potential but Edgar, like Jerome, will never manage to light its fire that would take off these static rhythms which turn in circle... around a synthesized voice. Placed here, Zulu seems to have more charm and its bass and undulating sequences really sound better in this context than on Zeitgeist's Mini Cupdisc, except that in the long run it is tasteless and boring. A little arm juice my Edgar! Hum...I love this new version of Going West 2009. It's wilder and at the same time very nuanced. This version played live in Japan (Live Izu 2009) shows that the trio of that time was really ahead of its time. The acoustic guitar contrasts with Linda Spa's flutes and I think it gives it a whole new depth. I know some people hated it...! With its strong melancholy approach coming from its wailing guitar over a slightly undulating rhythm, Devotion is one of the good tracks on The Endless Season, like is Breaching Sky which is more nervous. Long Island Sunset 2010? Not capable either! Paddington At Five from Flame is always so frustrating. It feels like it's going in circles. It seems to me that all the ingredients are there to make an explosive track... but finally! This version of Purple Diluvial seems to me wilder with more abrupt rhythmic changes and more nervous sequences. The differences are small but noticeable. In the end, both versions get equal because they have the same structures and modulations.

The lean years give a so-so compilation and BOOSTER IV is less honest than the quality of its tracks. It seems to me that Edgar Froese, or Eastgate, should have let it go and waited another year or even 2 years. But the damage is done, you have to coax it out of it and find reasons to be there. The complete insertion of Purple Diluvial is a wise and respectful choice for the fans who did not have the chance to buy this excellent cupdisc. The tracks from The Endless Season are also a good choice although I would have chosen Virtue of Hope or The Seven Barriers instead of the remixes of A Streetcar Named Desire or Dominion or Long Island Sunset 2010. It would have been different, while respecting the precepts of the Boosters. But by the way, do they exist? The reality is that all the possibilities are conceivable as there are so many holes to fill on these compilations that year after year are looking for a reason to exist other than to make quick easy money on the back of fans. The world of Eastgate is not an easy one to understand... No, not easy!

Sylvain Lupari (July 26th, 2011) ***½**

Available at Groove nl

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