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Tangerine Dream Sorcerer (1977)

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

This first collaboration with the movie industry has open the doors to another musical vision of the Dream that will also leads to other little masterpieces of EM

1 Main Title (5:28)

2 Search (2:54)

3 The Call (1:57)

4 Creation (5:00)

5 Vengeance (5:32)

6 The Journey (2:00)

7 Grind (3:01)

8 Rain Forest (2:30)

9 Abyss (7:04)

10 The Mountain Road (1:53)

11 Impressions of Sorcerer (2:55)

12 Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) (3:38)

MCA MCF 2806 (CD 43:53)

(Electronic Rock)

SORCERER is a movie by William Friedkin and the first of a long collaboration between Tangerine Dream and the 7th art. Since then, Edgar Froese and his various acolytes have lined an impressive number of cinematographic works, as well as documentaries, with a music that covers all dimensions. For this movie, strangely dark I must admit, Froese, Franke and Baumann had to develop a new artistic approach that consists to compose shorter tracks for a film they had only read the scenario. A tour de force, if we consider the result. Because, like the film, the soundtrack is dark and gloomy. Some even argue that it's superior to the film itself.

Main Title sets the tone by a very dense and dark atmospheric anthem. The same goes for Search, a short looping song with symphonic atmospheres and melodious movements. The Call offers a short pulsating sequence on a suave and plaintive synth while Creation is more developed with Froese's guitar. Vengeance is a fascinating bolero that advances on clattering cymbals and synths with lugubrious harmonies. Tangerine Dream perfects the sinister aspect with a superb death march. The Journey is a beautiful little melody on a mellotron, and a rhythm built on a hesitant sequencer while the first sketches of Silver Scale can be heard on Grind. A good track on a heavy rhythm surrounded by pompous synth tunes and a symphonic essence that will carry TD's signature for years to come. Rainforest is another dark title on a raging rhythmic sequence that rolls and turns with hypnosis. It's a perfect title for an insane pursuit. Abyss is the longest title on SORCERER. After a very dense atmospheric intro, the sequencer goes into pulse mode and whirls with intensity that reaches the abyssal depths. This title demonstrates the art of sticking a music on a theme. Pretty impressive! After this crazy fall, The Mountain Road brings a more silky and lighter breath. A short melody on fine percussions, which floats on a very beautiful mellotron. With its clean and jerky rhythm, Impressions of Sorcerer offers a more relaxed tempo. A rhythm of the islands on good slamming percussions and solid guitar riffs. Betrayal is the title on SORCERER. The keys are jumping and go in harmony on a bass sequence from a serious sequencer. The whole thing gives a superb melody that does aquaplane on synth pads with strident arias.

SORCERER has all the defaults of a soundtrack. Either short titles that meet visual needs as well as give more depth to certain scenes of the film in question. For Tangerine Dream, it's mission accomplished! Because this collaboration is praised as much in the media as in the specialized press in the 7th art. For fans, the adventure goes very well. Even if they appreciate a bit more those long tracks that evolve into unknown explorations. What matters most is that with SORCERER, Tangerine Dream pushed the atmospheres as far as the tension of the scenario could require it with in premium some beautiful melodies. I am thinking in particular of Betrayal, Grind and the fascinating Vengeance. Titles that will bring Chris Franke and Edgar Froese more and more to cope with the cinema, opening borders to major works that would have probably rotten on tablets. This is the real gain!

Sylvain Lupari (August 5th, 2006) *****

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