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VANGELIS: Fais que ton Rêve soit plus long que la Nuit (1972)

Oniric and rebellious, here is a beautiful album from an artist that will constantly continued to bloom and gave clasic of modern EM

Face A 15:32

1 C'est Une Nuit Verte

2 Celle Des Barricades

3 Nuit Verte Ou Rouge Ou Bleue Ou Noire

4 Qu'importe Mon Ami

5 Cela Importe Mon Ami

6 L'espoir De La Victoire Face B 15:25 1 La Rêve Est Réalité  2 Jouissez Sans Entraves 3 Vivez Sans Temps Morts 4 Baisez Sans Carottes Reprise 54 009 (LP 30:57) (V.F.) (Cinematograhic progressive EM)

Let's forget about Hypothesis and The Dragon, two albums with progressive free jazz tendencies, and let's return to Sex Power where Vangelis splits the structure of a honeyed melodious approach in an impressive pattern of sound samplings. That's the story of Fais que ton Rêve soit plus long que la Nuit (Have your dream last Longer than the Night), known also under the naming of Poeme Symphonique (Symphonic Poem). Then in France with the members of Aphrodite's Child, Vangelis is the witness of the French student riot of May 1968. Visionary, he takes out his tape recorder and records the hubbubs, the interventions, the tumults and all the intrinsic noises of this intense Parisian students' protest movement which will find themselves 4 years later at the heart of this album which still divides the followers of the musician Greek. An extremely rare collector's item which is still not available in a CD format, Fais que ton Rêve soit plus long que la Nuit was produced and distributed in France with the Reprise label and in Greece with Philips.

Face A begins with noises of deaf explosions which bang in anonymous clamors, roarings of police sirens and toots. A synth whistles a distant harmony of which the very light approach resists to the assaults of the diverse sound samplings which recover some festive singings before mutating into a folkloric mood as so sudden as unexpected. If the first 6 minutes are cheerful, the heart of face A dives into an ambience of tension with quarrels and comments from the various actors on a musical background which will spread its balm until the atmospheres of Heaven and Hell in 1975. It's a wonderful ethereal movement where the anonymous clamors, the lively songs and discussions of crowds annoy the morphic peace of mind. The tumult of the opening comes to chase away this soft moment with a finale constantly torn between the violence of the acts and the words and the short and beautiful ballads accompanied by an acoustic guitar or with this somber pensive piano which spreads its fragile notes under the very beautiful vocalized harmonies humming and whistling for a hymn to pacification. This is some very great Vangelis who lets glimpse his very big career to come. Face B offers the same kind of structure with an intro powdered by a French ballad of the 60's where a chorus feasts as a gang of jolly fellow in a brasserie. A tearful phase follows where flutes and violins are coupling with some absent voices on a light piano, driving this 2nd half of Fais que ton Rêve soit plus long que la Nuit in the same musical corridors and popular tearings as on Face A.

The dividing element of Fais que ton Rêve soit plus long que la Nuit is this envelope of sound samplings which disrupts the serenity of the beautiful ethereal melodies or the Bavarian ballads which leave sound imprints deserving of the most beautiful earworms. But I do not believe that the one without the other one would have the same impact, because the violence and the popular tearings have inspired these ballads and melodies. Thus, needs to live with! But no matter, Fais que ton Rêve soit plus long que la Nuit is a nice album. Oniric and rebellious, it's the starting point of a beautiful love story between Vangelis who will constantly continues to bloom and a public who is faithful to him ever since Sex Power.

Sylvain Lupari (April 3rd,2013) ***¾**

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