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VOLT: Nucleosynthesis (2007)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Nucleosynthesis is highly inspired by TD's last years on Virgin. A great album in the meanings and sounds

1 Explosion 18:08

2 Evolution 19:21

3 Implosion 25:18

(DDL 62:48) (V.F.)

(Berlin & England Schools)

A sharp detonation projects a luminous reverberation which creates a limpid musical maelstrom, like wavelets mixing each others with each other's shadows. An intense and colorful movement creates a static musical envelope while modulating the first sequences of Explosion. The movement is limpid and nervous. It revolves around heavy, slightly symphonic synths that fuse melodies with strange siren chants. Slowly, the structure of Explosion is formed to increase its pace on heavy rhythms which are affixed to nervous sequences. Sequences layered with superb synths as melodious as disturbing, with a tone tinged of an apocalyptic essence. This first contact with Volt is quite charming. A superb fusion of Berlin School, by very nebulous and spatial introductions (Evolution and Implosion), to an England School with its sustained cadences and heavy musical curves.

Evolution presents an eclectic intro which bathes in an atonic sound envelope where various electronic tones perfume a nebulous aura which gradually extends its sprawling waves with tearful synths. This ambience is divided into sequential pulsations with hypnotic harmonies that cascade on synths with luminous circles. Gradually the mesh is formed, letting filter a soft electronic melody with a metallic temperament. A caustic title which will seduce by the richness of its synths which oscillate between hazy breaths and barely audible voices, while slowing down a movement which is extinguished by its heavy pulsations without having yet delivered a last fight from the sequencer. The art of surprising with structures with unforeseen movements! Implosion is the flagship piece of this 4th Volt opus. Its introduction takes place in waltzing winds on uncertain steps which stretch the temperature of the stars. The sequenced pulsations arrive with heaviness, breaking this strange electronic chemistry where the keys evaporate in front of the sound implosions. They are curt, without being violent, but determined to impose an impure rhythm which explodes on heavy and incoherent chords. In an explosive sluggishness, Volt draws a musical structure which becomes subtly harmonious and which is supported by a spiral and its loops which stand out from the first implosive violence. The synth injects a heady sound bloom where the harmonies combine towards a structure balanced between a heavy EM and in love with arpeggios in a melodious collage. But always in a perspective of random turns and indomitable structures, as evidenced by its heavy pulsating sequences which tie up a heavy finish. A final like NUCLEOSYNTHESIS, a superb CD with very Tangerine Dream sounds from the 80's, Logos and Hyperborea era. A pleasant discovery, heavy with meaning and sound!

Sylvain Lupari (November 28th, 2007) *****

Available at Groove NL

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