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You want your music to be reviewed on this site? First, make sure your musical visions belong to the styles on the site. Keep in mind that I prefer BY FAR to get a physical copy of your CD. Now, I understand that things have changed, and many artists are releasing music via Bandcamp. Thus, you can send a redeem code and not a request to see if I will like it. No! Send a redeem code. I can love or not. It's at your risk. But the preponderance goes to physical CDs ... And first come, first reviewed!

Remember: it's a hobby, a passion and not a job!

I take a lot of time listening to each album I receive, between 2 and 3 plays and sometimes more. PATIENCE is the key word here.

I have so much music to listen to, old and new, that there might be a good delay before I get to your music. On average, a respectable waiting time is 15 days. It may happen that I forget something, do not forget that I take morphine to soothe my chronic pain, a little email and hop it's done.

Comments, requests for a review and suggestions? You can reach me at this address:

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