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AES DANA & MIKTEK: Cut E.P. (2014)

“Fans of U-R label, sharpen your ears cause this Cut is a good symbiosis between two styles which blend into a uniquely smooth psybient”

1 Evenfall 7:24 2 6AM 7:00 3 Cut 5:52 Ultimate Records | INRE072

(DDL 20:16) (V.F.) (Psybient)

Throbbing pulsations, where every knock resounds in a metallic acoustics aura and of which the rubberized charms infiltrate our ears like a dance of octopus' suckers on amphetamines, droning on a background spattered of acid rains and white noises,  but adorned also of a subtle spectral melody, Evenfall explains by itself all the charms of CUT, and by ricochet all the boldness's of this delicious label that is Ultimae Records. No wonders why I fell in love with the productions of this label, even if the musical genre is at light years of what brought me to like the Berlin School style. The muffled knocks of the introduction are lively, even brutals. We hear the hoops of metal  quivering, as well as these absent voices humming, and hesitating arpeggios which form arabesques and whose luminous outlines seem to be freezing in a sonic environment waterproofed of an industrial aura. The rhythm is crashing on a suave and sensual down-tempo where chips of metal crushed in a dryer, cracklings from an outer-world and snap of the fingers from an invertebrate animal are the nest of a mesmerizing bass line and of its deep pulsations which are hypnotized by this melody of which the airs go and come, like a soul roaming between luminosity and t darkness, between here and a there that escapes our perception. The percussions slam and resound, perturbing the delicate balance of Evenfall with some scattered abrupt knocks and biting a scarlet beat which will take refuge in a soporific ambient finale. What a starter! What a way to start this first collaboration between Aes Dana & Miktek where two others E.P. are schedule at the agenda of the Lyon based label. After this finale for the least restful, 6 AM hangs on to our eardrums with exuberant pulsations which revitalize each of its knocks in this puddle of interference tones from which the fryings decorate the industrial glitter fineries of CUT. Here the rhythm is fragmented. Limping between an up-tempo and a tempo floppier than soft, it does stop'n'go in an eclectic envelope where the ambient style is questioning the acid-house genre, before shutting itself away in another ambient finale. The title-track reminds me a little the climate of schizophrenia which decorates the series theme tune of American Horror Story. The bass pulsations shape a kind of morbid techno. A flabby dance for zombies where the rain falls straight from the floor and the balls crackle and bump into each other on the ceiling. The wealth of tones and sounds is delicious while the music, and its subtleties which abound in bright ideas, incites to the paranoia. A beautiful line of melody, very near the mouth of madness, roams like the Malevolent who is trying to invite us in a delicious banquet where the sonic lust overflows of one thousand temptations.

Fragmented and broken rhythms which dissolve into phases of futuristic ambiences and mend in molecular tumults, CUT is a good symbiosis between two artists whose antipodes are melting together in all the respect for their respective styles. We find the dreamy touch of Miktek who resists to the very acid bites of Aes Dana, who is second to none to breathe life into his ambiences and his rhythms some subtle elements that bring us to the dormers of another dimension. This is the first part of a collaboration which promises us two other E.P. I'm already looking forward for volume two. In fact, I always look forward to hearing the delights of the Lyon label... Sylvain Lupari (December 13th, 2014) ****½*

Available at Ultimae Records' Bandcamp

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