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ALBA ECSTASY: Albastru Infinit Vol. 1 (2019)

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

“This is a fair album that should please to fans of Alba Ecstasy, as well as fans of Klaus Schulze's long spontaneous exercises of creativity in concert”

1 Albastru Infinit: Point Blue 10:58 2 Albastru Infinit: Infinite One 15:56 3 Albastru Infinit: Infinite Two 17:32 Alba Ecstasy Music (DDL 44:27) (Minimalist Berlin School)

Alba Ecstasy is thinking about its productivity. Its output of an album a month reflects its state of mind that is to slow down its inspiration machine, as he likes to name. But that does not prevent him from raising other daring bets, like this project called Albastru Infinit. In fact, the adventure began with a spontaneous idea (out of the blue) of Mihail-Adrian Simion who composed 3 long titles that he named on the inspiration of the moment. Albastru Infinit was coming out of his studios to land on Bandcamp on February 11th. A fan of AB found the music so beautiful that he drew another cover. And another ... and another. In total he gave him 6 front paintings that the Romanian musician finally kept in order to add 5 more volumes of music to this Albastru Infinit project. Thus, was born ALBASTRU INFINIT Vol I. The principle is well known to fans of the musician, with 3 long minimal sonic rivers that Alba Ecstasy decorates of the most beautiful assets from its spontaneous inspiration. A chord and its echo! Another one and its echo. Albastru Infinit: Blue Point begins with these notes that AB ties in a repetitive series, forging an electronic rhythm for imaginative neurons. The movement is fluid, but without loudness. In fact, it's like some singing snowflakes which twirl in the void and then on the waves of strata painted of blue. Gradually, a fascinating staccato of chirpings sparkle on fog lanes where dark echoes of reverberations come out. The layers of fog become more intense as the movement of harmonic tweets increases the pace of this improbable rhythm. AB injects then murmurs of intergalactic mermaids which are turning into synth solos on a static plate which is shaking at the sound of its fictitious pulsations. After a very ethereal introduction, Albastru Infinit: Infinite One flees out of its garden for meditation by a pulsating rhythm which beats by jolts, such as a crazy train, with a series of sequences which take on the appearance of a series of jerky percussive riffs. The rhythm is so lively! Bass pulsations/percussion make even more charming this fast and curt movement of the sequencer, which rolls at full speed beneath a plethora of synth solos, all as acrobatic than aesthetic, and a series of evanescent arpeggios which twinkle with a more melodious vision. The vision of a contemporary Klaus Schulze is within reach of one's imagination in this structure that slowed a little pace when electronic tweets get graft to this range of sequences in a more cosmic environment. Albastru Infinit: Infinite is an ambient track which hatches out with lines of reverberations and melancholy strata waltzing with a delicate melodious approach. Flirting between an area of celestial singing and of huge solos, these synth layers also have a Schulzian essence and carry the listener to the doors of a cosmic Moondawn. Built spontaneously, ALBASTRU INFINIT Vol I. is an honest album that should please to fans of Alba Ecstasy, as well as fans of Klaus Schulze's long spontaneous exercises of creativity in concert. Lot of sequences and solos, this is the realm of EM!

Sylvain Lupari (April 3rd, 2019) *****

Available at Alba Ecstasy's Bandcamp

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