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ALLUSTE: Constellation (2008)

“This first album from Alluste is full of this romanticism and nostalgia which is the imprint of the Italian progressive and electronic music”

1 Alluste constellation 7:04

2 Kaldyuis 18:34

3 Acul 13:28

4 Lasesias 9:38

5 Tafesani 10:33

(DDL59:17) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School)

A delicate note extends its sound ark to initiate the source of the harmonic sequencer of CONSTELLATION, Alluste's first album. Alluste Constellation starts with a soft introduction of mist whose shadows are linked to a minimalism sequence with its crystalline notes that wiggle gently on the delicate strata of mellotron. Slowly, we are hypnotized by this slow ambient procession that comes alive under nice intersecting sequencing patterns to progress on a good line of undulating bass and synths vapors filled by an angelic radiation. The structure of Alluste Constellation announces quite interesting things for this first visit card from the Italian synthesist.

Strongly inspired by the New Berlin School, Piero Monachello's music breathes music from artists such as Klaus Schulze, Software, Tangerine Dream, Spyra and Remy. Kaldyuis is an eloquent example. A long title initiated by a sensual and haunting bass that drags its soul in an ethereal atmosphere where flute with the perfumes of mellotron and celestial choirs merge in an astral and lyrical nebulosity. A fine sequence follows the movement of the bass, drawing a sensual pleasure that grows in an atonal hypnosis. Towards the 8th minute, a bass sequence delicately gallops through a sound circle that gathers its notes in a cosmic corridor. Another, more nervous this time, sequence encircles this movement, which becomes more spasmodic and swarms with ambiguous animation in the shadow of cymbal wrinkles and of the typed percussions. Cosmic broth with multiple synth layers, Acul starts just as slowly. A solitary synth emits odes as symphonic as eclectic in an iridescent universe of beautiful enchanting flute breaths. A delicate bass sequence is grafted to this fluttered solitude and gently, Acul comes alive with a sequenced twist that grows on more insistent percussions and a sequenced melody that comes out of this unpredictable cosmic nothingness.

Adjusting to the shapes of the cosmic shaping waves that crisscross its intro, Lasesias swirls in a sea of sequences as striking as turbulent that are reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre's cosmic movements in Magnetic Fields. It's a title animated of a complex life where the shimmering arpeggios are rolling at countercurrent and whose minimalist tempo beats in a galactic musical setting topped by beautiful synth pads that twirl in a quite harmonious frenzy. Tafesani ends this CONSTELLATION album with a nice ambient ode surrounded by a sybarite synth and its mellotron shadowed breezes. The rhythm of the sequencer forms a dance as hypnotic as lyrical, like a cosmic ballet with infinite circles.

For a first opus, Alluste is immersed of an incredible sensitivity. CONSTELLATION is imbued of this romanticism and nostalgia which is the imprint of the Italian progressive and electronic music. The perfumes and influences also remind me of the first works of a capricious and indomitable EM that found its understanding in the wandering solitaries but in a more edible vision. Like Baffo Banfi. It's a nicely poetic album that deserves to be discovered.

Sylvain Lupari (July 5th, 2008) *****

Available at Alluste Bandcamp

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