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ALLUSTE: Indifferent Universe (2017)

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

“Rhythmic patterns which evolve inf Alluste's unique sequencing schemas, Indifferent Universe is in the vein of great Berlin School without those too many artificial flavors”

1 The indifference of the Universe 9:50 2 A small Insignificant dot in the Infinite 7:37 3 Endless Misteries III 7:49 4 Terrestrial effects of nearby Supernovae 8:21 5 The psychology of God 6:37 6 Random Events 8:30 7 Gamma ray Explosion 6:18 Alluste Music (DDL 55:05) (V.F.) (Berlin School)

A soft movement of sequences, zigzagging such as a soul drunk with love, open the first rhythmic movement of The indifference of the Universe. The first one because other movements will be grafted. Getting piled up or beating a measure in parallel, they smother a structure of rhythm full of tenderness which skips and swirls between two phases, spherical and upward. A clinking movement gets apart and draws a crystalline melody which hums in what seems to be a train for the cosmos. With his vision of romance and poetry on sequences, Alluste proposes another very interesting rendezvous in his universe where the rhythms have several choice of life in some minimalist structures and others evolutionary which are ideal to cast the anchor of his romantic and lunar melodies. Like here where the layers of voices reject a bite of the rhythm and of the gaseous effects of synths to sculpt a very nice ethereal melody and of which acuteness of the harmonies dig up these octaves which give the shiver. This approach waltzes with layers of motionless sequences and reminds us all the lyrical dimension of Alluste. This music evoltion wakes up a swarm of sequences which flies and spins in shapes of collateral rhythms with this delicate touch peculiar to the Italian synthesist. If Piero Monachello has succeeded to impose his style, he may also flirt with the passions of his influences where bands such as Neuronium, Software, Keller & Schönwälder and of course Tangerine Dream to name but a few are on top of his list. And it's so obvious with this splendid A small Insignificant dot in the Infinite which will revive on you great memories of Tangerine Dream's in 1980. The movement of the sequencer waves like in Undulation but beneath the embraces of charming anesthetic layers. The illusion is without appeal with this very Franke approach which goes adrift in a phase full of jolts and of anarchic jumps. The effects, with a bit of paranoia in the disintegration of the metallic fusion, gives a tiny psychedelic touch to the title while the harmonies are also without appeal! Endless Misteries III is another good title full of melancholy and filled by an intense veil of vaporous voices. The keyboard weaves a lunar melody with an intertwining of harmonious lines. This is some very pleasant and good Alluste who brings a too short moment of swiftness in the rhythm near the finale. This very ethereal side of Alluste is even more celestial in The psychology of God. The quietest title on INDIFFERENT UNIVERSE.

Terrestrial effects of nearby Supernovae unveils a psychotronic introduction with vapors of ether which undulate in a sibylline approach. The sequencer sculpts a line of rhythm which adopts the one of a marathon-man whereas the effects weigh down the ambiences which flirt with a zest of paranormal, otherwise a kind of insanity to come. When these effects evaporate and the rhythm seems alone in its bubble, unstable waves sing such as specters in heat. And as soon as an explosion is heard, this jogger pace is running like these hens that we cut the head but with a fascinating cohesion. And still there, the sequencer finds the time to make appear another structure in parallel. And if there is a small weakness in this album, it's the length of the tracks which seem to me too short compared with the appetite of Alluste regarding the evolutionary phases of his rhythms. As here and as in Endless Misteries III. Between some good Neuronium and Software, Random Events proposes another movement of undulatory rhythm but with a very subtle upward push. The synth solos are warm and tenderly restful. The setting is cosmic with nice anesthetic layers which replace these solos in the 2nd part. Sound waves which reverberate in continuous hoops are illuminating the enigmatic introduction of Gamma ray Explosion. Some jerky effects stretch these filamentous membranes which cross with a disturbing approach, a little like laughter of specters which laugh at the resonance of the first beat from a bass sequence. The embryonic state of the rhythm remains invaded by this intriguing vapor up until that a very good movement of the sequencer forges a fluid beat which oscillates underneath this dense sonic magma. Chris Franke's perfumes invade our ears even more when a 3rd idea from the sequencer throws a harmonious movement at the dawn of 4 minutes. This movement gambols insistently, challenging even these appearances of snips of scissors which spin above, so structuring a beautiful final which is at the greatness of another solid opus from Alluste.

Sylvain Lupari (December 7th, 2017) *****

Available at Alluste Bandcamp

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