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Alpha Wave Movement System A (2015)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

What can I say except that yet AWM has still this art to seduce those who still care to hear some great cosmic EM

1 Cryptic Signals 8:19 2 Theta Space 10:10 3 Asymmetrical Freefall 8:11 4 Journey the Existential Plane 9:01 5 Omniverse 16:28 6 Dark Space Distant Islands of Light 5:56

HRR150101 (CD/DDL 58:09) (V.F.)

(Cosmic EM)

What is SYSTEM A? For Gregory T. Kyryluk it's a region of tonal highways where the stellar fields are the central force driving create muses. The cryptic particulates of matter co-mingle with electronic modulations and distant murmuring throbs of pulsar emanations. But it's mainly the last electronic fable of Alpha Wave Movement which signs here one of the beautiful albums of cosmic EM, quite unique to the signature of Gregory T. Kyryluk, where the rhythms, mainly ambient, and the ambiospherical elements, tinted of paradoxes, release a delicious sonic bouquet which transcends the borders of a SYSTEM A.

And the story begins with breaths and parasitic noises which open the somber moods of Cryptic Signals. Murmurs, almost human, hollow breezes and strange intergalactic clatters decorate these moods of an extraterrestrial approach which swarms with originality. That's dark and ambient. That begins the long journey in SYSTEM A. We have to wait until Theta Space to stuff our ears with the gentle rhythms of this last Alpha Wave Movement's album. It starts with a noise of waterfall and the push of winds from Orion which raise the serenity of some pensive chords. Pearls of crystal are springing among those winds. Their chirpings get lost in distant horizons while the very contemplative melody of Theta Space is making its nest within the muffled impulses which draw an ambient and ascending rhythm. Then it's a kind of cosmic Lounge which goes in our ears where the tranquility swirls under the bites of a synth and of its ambient acetified harmonies while the rhythm increases more its ascendency with sequences which click delicately like snip of the scissors in the mist. Asymmetrical Freefall proposes a still delicate but more lively rhythm. A kind of cosmic hip-hop with jumps which freeze on the spot. Delicate and a bit jerky, this rhythm breaks the bones of its threadlike skeleton in a kind of astral dance where are singing some nice evanescent melodies and are roaming some clouds of mist which waltz like dusts of bones crumbled by this fascinating dislocated dance. The atmospheres and the genre of structure of a finely convulsive rhythm give an impression to hear a certain Steve Roach, Western Desert, with arpeggios in tones of scratched prisms which sparkle on a rhythm to the roguish ethereal jerks. A rhythm more ambient than dancing which is built around a meshing of sequences, in which some are dressed in tones of percussions, and of muffled pulsations, which hammer a structure of morphic techno in parallel, and of others resonant ones which drum in the shadow of all this rhythmic orchestration which adopts a real asymmetric structure but surprisingly in symbiosis. The synth is magic. It floods our senses of a delicate morphic mist. That track fits to my tastes and it's for sure the best track on here.

But Journey the Existential Plane is not that bad. With its spiral structure, where the sequenced keys are spinning against the current, it remains the most complex track on this album. Delicate arpeggios open an introduction of which the very harmonious rhythm rises and comes down such as an oscillating spiral which winds some corridors painted of nasal voices and of threatening winds. We cannot say that it's ambient, because the rhythm spreads a finely jerky approach where all the elements, as rhythmic as harmonious, are confronting in opposite senses, weaving shaded paradoxes which bind themselves in the heavy mutterings of sequences and bass percussions. Everything is in suspension. The shadows of synths float and grumble like some threatening spectres on a relatively ambient structure which keeps us on the alert because of an instability which tortures the phases of rhythms. Rhythms which will never reach their full transformations. There are fragrances of Software here, in particular with the singings of the crystal clear sequences which sparkle, spin, float and cut out this lack of cohesion with a so much oniric approach, spreading their electronic charms in abstruse ambiences where the darkness is grumbling over the shadows of the discreet evanescent melodies from a synth and of its dark breezes. Omniverse fills our space of a dense ambiospherical intro with astral winds which caress and charm much more than those in Journey the Existential Plane. A beautiful celestial melody makes its way through the astral cloudiness and its singing irradiates with those of the psybirds and of the synth layers which whistle and whoosh like falling stars. The synth extracts a dreamlike mist from its threads and buttons, drawing an instant of pure contemplation which continues until we reach a kind of sonic brook where are gleaming some lappings of glass over a soft drumming. Gregory T. Kyryluk draws here pure moments of ecstasy meditative with a soft rhythm weaved on a quiet crescendo which rocks the lyrical singings of an intensely wrapping synth. We stay in the phases of a rather dark cosmos with Dark Space Distant Islands of Light and its heavy ambient rhythm which has difficulty to circulate, in oscillate in spaces where the winds blow the lamentations of abysses. It's especially dark, very ambient and very contrasting after the last 45 minutes of SYSTEM A. But it's logical ending and it loops the loop that Cryptic Signals had untied.

Sylvain Lupari (January 11th, 2015) *****

Available at Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp

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