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ANDÈRS KLÜMPPÉ: Incidental Inversion (2021)

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

A universe that embroiders complexity with this small thread that links us with the joys of rediscovering EM

1 Field Inversion I 2:03

2 Incidental Traction 4:11

3 Circling Twilight 2:47

4 Awakeness Forces 11:05

5 Bordering the Aurality 4:02

6 Quantum Inmersion 7:22

7 Wish Refinery (KaoS Retreat) 7:03

8 On the Electromagnetic Field 6:04

9 Reversed Version (Field inversion II) 1:04

(DDL 45:44) (V.F.)

(Experimental Berlin School, Dark Psybient)

Who is Andèrs Klümppé? Andres Grumann Sölter is a Chilean-born graduate of the history and aesthetics of dance as well as the history and aesthetics of sound and electronic arts, now living in Germany. He is the latest find of the Argentinian label Cyclical Dreams, which constantly delves into the universal repertoire of avant-gardist musicians. INCIDENTAL INVERSION is a first album. Thought on a dystopian ecosystem, the album unfolds its 9 tracks in an experimental vision and on organic textures where atmospheric music, psybient and Dark Ambient infiltrate our ears with a panoply of disparate sounds.

Lapping of mechanized water, azure winds, avian flora and heavy ambient drones, Field Inversion I wishes us a strange welcome as it opens this album offered only in download. If you're interested in sounds of all tones and samplings of nature, they compete in this album that requires absolute curiosity in order to be well filtered by our ears. But don't run as it's not that bad! There are surprises beneath this clouds of tones and Incidental Traction is one of those tracks that flowed more easily with its Berlin School structure gamboling under a cosmic sky blackened by a psybient vision. Our ears can detect voices like fairground tunes. The sequencer is divine in making its keys jump up and down with resonance, as if with an anesthetic sweetness. Circling Twilight follows with an atmospheric base driven by secret implosions. The music deviates towards a more serene, more ethereal panorama with a cloud of woosshh that encroaches on the opening of Awakeness Forces. From this moment, the ambiences return with this texture of reverberating drones which undulate like threatening specters. An arrhythmic beat pierces this dense membrane to establish a more stable and accentuated flow. These dull blows travel with the clatter of muffled noises, like an embryo whose beats can be heard behind a metallic veil. The atmospheres are intense and exploit various tones of the synth whose apocalyptic tunes merge with vuvuzela and other trumpets of city noises' tones. The rhythm finds a new breath after the 4th minute, accentuating the sound power and the velocity. Bordering the Aurality defends its title with big, resonant whispers that attach to a slow beat, further amplifying its ominous setting. The serene breaths of its finale carry over to Quantum Inmersion. Even with those vampiric shadows stretching out slightly chthonian sonic creepers, we're in the most ethereal area of INCIDENTAL INVERSION. Here we find a series of slow oscillating loops whose contrarian colors parade with the purity and musical poetry of analog years. The music goes in the opposite direction in the last section, taking us into the more hostile territory of Wish Refinery (KaoS Retreat). The organic and industrial universes melt down between our ears, creating a fascinating panorama where prehistory cohabits with its futuristic technology. To furnish these 7 minutes, Andèrs Klümppé inserts various metallic claps, spectral harmonies and buzzing winds in a structure that survives our ears by a good dosage of these elements. We drift into On the Electromagnetic Field and its Spanish voice coming out of a megaphone. The winds are grainy with whispers erased by their strength, some snippets coming out more clearly, while a hesitant sound wave extends its shroud of reverberations. Industrial reverberations in an atone and linear ambience whose intensity vibrates without orchestrating anything. And it is thus that we return to the origin of this album, in a less poetic vision, with Reversed Version (Field inversion II).

Once again, Cyclical Dreams has this gift to make us discover a universe that embroiders complexity with this small thread that links us with the joys of discovering Berlin School in a different context. Because under this avalanche of bizarre sounds and this dystopian texture live rhythms which follow one another with this not so far kinship of the rhythms from the pioneers of the genre.

Sylvain Lupari (October 30th, 2021) *****

Available at Cyclical Dreams Bandcamp

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