• Sylvain Lupari

Beyond Berlin Live at Awakenings (2022)

This is what I call a solid Berlin School album à la sauce Hollandaise

1 Heavenly Resurrection 20:41

2 Interlude 3:55

3 No Man's Land 12:00

4 Weakness 21:46

5 E-Lusions (Bonus E-Live) 13:46

Groove NL GR-335

(CD/DDL 72:11) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

LIVE AT AWAKENINGS is an audio document that was recorded during Beyond Berlin's performance at the festival of the same name in September 2014. A year earlier, the Dutch duo had resplendent at the famous Cosmic Nights, held at the Brussels Planetarium, leading to the duo's first ever album-download, Cosmic Nights in 2013. Mastered by Ron Boots for the needs of his label Groove nl, this LIVE AT AWAKENINGS offers the same musical style. Either be, some very good Berlin School, ambient and rhythmic, where Rene de Bakker and Martin Peters modulate the art of building harmonic rhythms, unique to the Netherlands School, with the tone of the analog years, thanks to the synths and modular sequencers that fill the Beyond Berlin's stage.

Heavenly Resurrection begins this performance in the land of the England School with a heavy atmospheric opening that is the hallmark of the genre. A synth wave with an increasingly enveloping gradation unravels its fluctuations in the explosions of bass pads. The fusion casts a dramatic aura, especially when a subtle chthonian choir lets its discreet chant be heard. A jolting effect animates the meditative movement of this wave that also lets out fine laments as the minutes tick by on the dial. Other elements converge on this opening, including orchestral arrangements and the tinkling of stars that weave a more cosmic vision. This opening, typical of the Berlin School's improvisation sessions, will also fill the opening of the colossal Weakness. The waves are still buzzing with force after the 8th minute, when a line of arpeggios sings waddling in the background. This is the signal to turn on the sequencer! It activates two lines of arpeggios that gambol against the grain under a layer of voices as dark as ever. The movement is convoluted by its tottering nature and by its chords that intertwine in a more harmonic than rhythmic vision. The setting hardly changes its texture which constantly radiates this luciferian approach of dark ambient style, even with the rhythm that takes a slight accentuation to disappear little by little around the 17th minute. The synth harmonizes the whole with harmonious pads and effects that join those atmospheric elements tha