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Computerchemist That Which Prevails (2020)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

It's a suite to Volcan Dreams with a slightly more progressive than electronic vision on which are hiding gorgeous moments of EM

1 the circumstances beyond one's control 17:32

2 time is a great healer (parts III-IV) 5:28

3 that which prevails 14:00

4 a dali-esque dreamer 10:34

5 the end of times 11:31

(CD/DDL 59:04) (V.F.)

(Berlin School, Cosmic Rock)

Layers slippering from cosmos infiltrate the ears. Their radiances and the slow staccato in the falls hide a sequencer bed which overflows with keys in the tones of the Jive years. A bed, then a second are structuring two lines of rhythms with visions as divergent as their tones. The bass sequences make 4 keys dance in spiral, camouflaging the main line which has taken refuge in layers of mist and ether with spectral tones on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The movement of the bass sequences is unequivocal; it calls for a heavy and slow rhythm which breaks out with the arrival of percussion 20 seconds after the 2-minute point. the circumstances beyond one's control therefore embraces an electronic rhythm in the genre of Stratosfear and Force Majeure with this bass line which goes up and down in a heaviness animated by good percussions and burnt down by good guitar solos. In this 17-minute journey, the title goes through a few phases of rhythmic inactivity which allows the music to revitalize its tonal flora. The decor in these moments is made up of Mellotron mist as well as flute chants that wind these benches of mythical mist. A good title, with a few lengths in these phases of atmospheres, which offers an electronic final which refuses to loop the loop. Computerchemist is one of the nice discoveries that I embraced with my ears in 2019. The album Volcan Dreams and its judicious mix between Berlin School, cosmic rock and progressive music was a true revelation and is part of my Top 10 of 2019. What to expect with THAT WHICH PREVAILS? the circumstances beyond one's control is a good clue!

time is a great healer (parts III-IV) offers a good cosmic melody à la EarthStar with an ethereal guitar solo singing on a carpet of arpeggios dancing in an ascending vision. The finale throws a veil of poignant intensity with the fall of percussions which create a heavy slow-tempo ideal to welcome the tears of good guitar solos. that which prevails is a long title more progressive than electronic with a more accentuated use of an organ, bringing this sound so characteristic of progressive music. Vampiric layers of mellotron throws jets of mist and very discreet thin line of voices, gradually extending an aura of medieval poetry on an ostinato rhythmic structure braided on guitar loops and the sequencer. Flirting between a seraphic sweetness and a sometimes-spasmodic flow, the music and its atmospheres visit the 70's in a vision of space rock where we imagine Pink Floyd and Ashra trying to tame this minimalist rhythmic structure in a garden of musical fog. a dali-esque dreamer is a superb title that has everything, but everything that seems to be a tribute to Edgar Froese, Stuntman and Pinnacles period. Simply brilliant and the illusion of hearing Edgar is perfect. the end of times structures an ambient rhythm where each sequence is followed by hobbling slightly in an environment of opalescent mist with pads of keyboards which make quite TD. The ambient rhythm progresses like a good magnetizing Berlin School before blossoming hard around the 7 minutes with percussions in heavy-rock mode, well watered by layers of jerky violins and riffs from a meshing of synth/guitar. It sounds like this new Scandinavian heavy-metal and progressive-rock genre from the late 80's. The rhythmic structure is supported with a little Froese side in the sequencer play. There is no elegiac rest area in the end of times. Only rhythm that mutates finely to reach an explosive final, like that of the circumstances beyond one's control but better, which places the music in a more electronic context. These last 21 minutes are pure happiness which makes me forget these short lengths described above.

But whatever, THAT WHICH PREVAILS is a continuation of Volcan Dreams with a slightly more progressive than electronic vision. Offered both in a manufactured CD and in a downloadable format, it's a very good album where cosmic rock looks better here than in its golden years. There are beautiful little gems in this album, justifying the need to listen to it again and thus facilitating its taming.

Sylvain Lupari (February 2nd, 2020) *****

Available at Computerchemist Bandcamp

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