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DreamerProject The Road to Your Heart (2012)

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

An album full of beautiful harmonious structures where the rhythms and ambiences dance in the universes of Vangelis and David Wright

1 Arped Sunrise 7:18

2 Waiting 5:18

3 The Cave 7:08

4 Flight 1607 6:49

5 Dreamscape 12:59

6 Ambient Waves 6:01

7 A Christmas Card 4:42

8 The Road to Your Heart 6:31

9 Morning Mist 9:41

(CD/DDL/Spotify 69:27) (V.F.)

(Melodious, Prog New Age)

Dreamerproject is the latest find of the label AD Music. This musical project of the Norwegian musician Kjetil Ingebrigtsen is aptly named by going straight to the road of our soul. THE ROAD TO YOUR HEART is a good collection of 9 very musical tracks where the rhythms are shaped in a harmonic tranquility that adheres magnificently to a very romantic, nostalgic and harmonic approach masterfully produced by David Wright.

Arped Sunrise is a good indication of what awaits us throughout this album which is aimed at a general public adept of New Age, the new orientation of the England label. A delicate melody emerges from an ambiospheric intro. The rhythm is delicate and follows a rising curve with glittering chords whose riffs and percussions form a mesmerizing hypnotic ticking. Piano notes stray from this cerebral procession, weaving other bits of melodies that woo the ethereal choruses and breaths of an orchestral synth molded into the memories of Vangelis. By the way, the influence of Vangelis perspires throughout this opus that straddles the tranquility of New Age and the electronic rhythms of New Berlin School. Waiting is a beautiful lullaby for insomniac which takes root in the waves of a desert beach whose mists is rising to Cosmos. There where tears of synth and its floating and moving layers are wrapped around a synth with harpsichord chords that embroider the delicate harmonies of a sweet melancholy forgotten on the counter of time. It's like being in the warm nights of Opera Sauvage. The introductions as well as the finals that decorate the panoramas of each composition are steeped in the soft ambiences of ambiospherical reveries. And this is how The Cave ends up adopting a harmonic structure similar to Arped Sunrise, but with a more fluid rhythm while the spiral melody of Flight 1607 invites us to a more electronic rhythm. A Software kind of rhythm with a sweet tribal approach and where the percussions with tones of manual beatings are resounding in the soft threads of voice that we lose in the breaths of a rather ethereal synth. It's a beautiful and gentle meditative maelstrom endowed with a hybrid structure, sometimes finely jerky and sometimes deliciously melodic.

Hollow winds jostle isolated chords that tinkle in the tears of violins. Dreamscape then offers us a rhythm that gallops finely into the roots of the beautiful Teutonic hypnotic movements. Delicate and harmonic, the rhythm oscillates in good layers of a dreamy synth whose lines and suave breezes encircle a fine cosmic melody getting richer with very good twisted solos. This is one of the good melodious titles of 2012. It goes in my iPod! Ambient Waves is a sweet melody that clings to its melancholic approach embroidered in the tears of the synth. These tears water a delicate rhythm that hiccups in a circular movement glowing with arpeggios with hybrid tones and fluty sweet breaths rooting this title in its envelope of sadness. More playful, A Christmas Card is also very musical and reminds me of the universe of Vangelis. Ditto for the title-track which is very poignant and offers a seductive dramatic approach with its violins that caress our soul, its whispered murmurs that endorse our spirit and its orchestral arrangements that carry our troubled emotions. The rhythm follows a processional curve with crystal arpeggios resonating like drops of water on a glass anvil while the percussions that roll on this carpet of nostalgia mold a haunting morphic bolero. It's beautiful and it's mostly very musical. Morning Mist loops the loop with a long silk structure where the sweet rhythm embraces a morphic slowness that feeds on the violin winds. Winds that tranquilize a rhythm as harmonic as Arped Sunrise but also orchestral as Ambient Waves.

I quite enjoyed the musical caresses of THE ROAD TO YOUR HEART which is full of good harmonic structures where the rhythms, delicate must admit, and the ambiences, moving must be said, are forming 9 beautiful melodious symbiosis that oscillate between the worlds of Vangelis and of David Wright. And this first opus of Dreamerproject will go directly to my album bank that will rock my nights of dreams.

Sylvain Lupari (December 12th, 2012) ***½**

Available at AD Music

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