• Sylvain Lupari

ERIK WOLLO: Emotional Landscapes (2003)

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

“Melodious, soft and attractive! Such is the musical universe that Emotional Landscapes offers to our ears”

1 In the Picture 2:51 2 Metaphor 4:42 3 Prism 4:15 4 Second Totem 5:25 5 Sounds of the Seen, Part I 8:06 6 Valley 3:02 7 Virtual World 5:54 8 Mountain Beach 5:21 9 Sounds of the Seen, Part II 3:00 10 Satellite 4:21 11 Echo of Night/Cadence 6:08 Spotted Peccary SPM1203

(CD/DDL 68:08) (V.F.)

(Progressive New Age)

With its fine melodies which roam into ambiences slightly filled by with a poetic mysticism, EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPES is, in my opinion, the best way to tame Erik Wollo's soft universe. Sat well on his Scandinavian souvenirs, the nomad with a dreamy guitar presents a beautiful musical canvas with 11 titles which are exchanging their boreal moods on rhythms and melodies which sometimes capsize and entails us into tribal atmospheres of a world unique to the vision of its author.

In the Picture opens Wollo's 12th opus with a smooth meditative melody where the floating sighs of a solitary guitar are wrapping the soft melodic approach of a piano and its spheroidal notes which wave like a carousel of mist. Metaphor adopts the same musical pattern of strangeness and mysticism, with a grimed ambience where notes of guitars weave a somber minimalist melody from which the rotatory bends are tortured by strata and scattered solos from a morphic guitar. The tempo grows heavy but remains slow, cloistering itself in an intense eerie mood. Prism is an ambient track flowing on a river of chords which teems in an attractive harmonious contradiction that fluty winds caress of tribal breaths. Second Totem rolls on a beautiful ballad where the guitar draws a discreet melodious line which is assailed by another guitar in more incisive solos. The rhythm livens up. And for the first time on EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPES our feet are wriggling on a rhythm always delicate but livelier that la