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F.D. PROJECT:The Other Side of FD Project...Quadea (2012)

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The Other Side of F.D. Project... Quadea is of the seed of the beautiful albums of an analog Berlin School

1 Quadea Part One 12:52

2 Quadea Part Two 11:50

3 Quadea Part Three 9:11

4 Quadea Part Four 8:28

5 Quadea Part Five 8:59

6 Quadea Part Six 16:38

(CDR/DDL 67:58) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

The silky musical universe of F.D. Project rests on his influences of Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream. Like the wonderful musician of Reading, Frank Dorittke harmonizes his rhythms and ambiances with a superb minimalist approach. In so doing, his works infiltrate our ears with a delicate oneiric approach. And QUADEA is the proof by 10 that even if the German synthesist/guitarist borrows the same melodic paths since about 10 years, there is always this little something that seduces. Divided into 6 parts, the rhythmic story of THE OTHER SIDE OF FD PROJECT…QUADEA evolves in each of its acts. Going from slow and light like a waltz to heavy and intensive, this rhythmic structure preserves however its will in order to stand firmly over a main minimalist sequenced line which throws us melodies fixed on twinkling spirals. Night lullabies which swirl and thread one's way through the rhythms and ambiences, such as innocent ritornellos, on rhythmic structures with slow evolutions.

Limpid sequences arise out of heavy reverberations to move stealthily. Hesitating, they take long time drawing the puny rhythm of Quadea Part One which beats under smooth strata of a Mellotron synth. Blown by the winds of ether, the sequences activate the pace with an uncertain harmonious layout that percussions are grasping of symmetric strikings, supporting the minimalist linear movement of Quadea Part One which breathes the soft blows of a foggy Mellotron and the beautiful floating solos of a synth filled by the analog fragrances of the Vintage years. You like the hypnotic and harmonious rhythm of Quadea Part One? Then you will devour the 5 other parts. Emerging out of Didge hoarse blows, Quadea Part Two follows the precepts of Part One with a harmonious sequential movement which swirls in semicircle and flows under intense strata of a synth which subdivides its choirs and solos. The second part wakes the soul with a beautiful approach of cello which covers a kind of clanic prayer. A delicate torrent of crystal clear and fluid sequences is hatching from the cracklings introductory of Part Three which presents a more lively rhythmic structure. One of QUADEA's charms lies in its minimalist sequences which espouse the same melodic tangents and this no matter the modifications in the structures of rhythm. On Part Three, the bewitchment is striking. Especially with the corrosive guitar of Frank D.Project who throws heavy riffs and incisive solos on a rhythm become weightier. With the efficiency of the machine drums, we have the feeling to enter in the territories of progressive rock.

After an intro imprinted by a mysterious veil, where pulsations threaten under spectral lamentations, Quadea Part Four swirls on a superb sequential movement. Sequences which spin in perfect hiccupping circles that some strong drum hits are framing of a heavy rotary movement ennobled by solos from a tortuous synth. A synth which also releases harmonious pads with airs of Tangerine Dream of the 70's. Part Five is opening to our ears with chords of guitar which roam among metal breaths. This very musical intro is lulled by iridescent breaths which deadens in a canvas of percussions and pulsations of which the uncertain strikings drum towards a harsh and jerky rhythm with circular keys which swirl beneath suave and tearful solos of a synth as much poetic as melancholic. Breezes of a hooting synth moan in blue breaths, spreading the morphic intro of Quadea Part Six which is the piece of resistance of THE OTHER SIDE OF FD PROJECT…QUADEA. Melodious synth pads are sparkling and waddling through these iodized breezes, drawing a hypnotic sequenced movement which skips under splendid waves of a warm Mellotron. The fragile rhythm of Part Six is caramelizing little by little, holding to another string of sequences which roll like a discreet train under the dense layers of a synth as dark as harmonious. And it’s in these Mellotron clouds and silvered breezes that the anvil rhythm of Quadea Part Six is flooding our ears with all the nostalgic reminiscences of Tangerine Dream's vintage years.

THE OTHER SIDE OF FD PROJECT…QUADEA is in the seed of the good albums of an analog Berlin School. Frank Dorittke is passed master in the art of harmonious magnetism minimalist with its crystal-clear sequences, forged in the distant corridors of Tubular Bells, which weave some pretty nice ear-worms singing in the electronic crusades with fragrances of Tangerine Dream's Baumann years. And QUADEA is effectively the answer to Nocturna. It's a logical suite to the last opus of F.D. Project who certainly knows how to charm us again with his ceaseless harmonious structures which just have this little something different, from album to album, to lull us between two universes. This lasts since Electronic Dreams in 2003 and it continues since.

Sylvain Lupari (July 9th, 2012) *****

Available at SynGate Bandcamp

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