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FANGER & SCHÖNWÄLDER: Analog Overdose 4+ (2007)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

A legitimate sequel to one of the very beautiful Berlin School albums of the 2000's

1 Frankfurt Breakfast 19:46

2 Berlin Lunch 25:31

(DDL 45:18) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

Prolific as always, Fanger & Schonwalder finds the time to make a short sequel to Analog Overdose 4, laconically adding the + sign to this 45-minute CD. So, ANALOG OVERDOSE 4+ is landing in the bins where the German duo offers pure Berlin School magic. Two long tracks in the vein of vintage EM load of ambient phases and of surprising turns, if not outcomes.

A heavy sequence worthy of Body Love pierces the strongly tetanized intro of Frankfurt Breakfast. The rhythm is tight and winds a sound cascade filled with nice mellotron layers and fluty solos. We are in the middle of AO's territories. The sound texture is superb and bathes in a cadenced ambience where flutes, synth solos and hypnotic sequences shape a musical structure which gradually runs out of steam to penetrate an atmospheric zone around the 12th minute. An exquisite emphatic zone where the sequences swap towards a sonic nothingness pierced by musical spasms as eclectic as they are surprising, delivering a soporific finale like in the heyday of the 70's. From Klaus Schulze and to great Tangerine Dream! This revival journey continues with Berlin Lunch. A long piece where the duo par excellence of the Berlin School at the moment offers a high-sounding title. An intro weighted by slow and resonant arpeggios that bathe in a nebulous vibe. Slowly, the rhythm takes shape on a soft hopping sequence which walks a soft road imprinted of a melodious flute. Berlin Lunch progresses slowly, drowned in synthesized streaks which languidly mingle with mellotron violins on a tempered hypnotic pace. The old Mellotron odes of the 70's come haunted the latest moments with superb arrangements of unheard-of depth, making of Berlin Lunch one of the best titles of a contemporary Berlin School this year.

ANALOG OVERDOSE 4 + continues the Berlin School tradition found on AO4. Great music with hypnotic ease, although fluid at times, on long movements with sweet and tasty disturbances like in the heyday of the vintage years. A good and impactful musical journey.

Sylvain Lupari (December 24th, 2007) *****

Disponible au Manikin Bandcamp

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