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Fringo Chills ...the first time (2015)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Well divided between ambient moods and ambient beats, this is a nice album of soft relaxing EM which will find its way through your need to relax

1 Seismic Lifestyle 21:37 2 Minimal Pulses 6:20 3 Bimetall 14:11 4 Blue Atmospheres 21:08 5 Lonely Satelite 7:48 Luna SynGate ‎| CD-r FC01 (DDL/CD-r 71:04) (V.F.) (Ambient moods, ambient beats)

Fringo Chills? It's the half of Fratoroler, this duet strongly soaked of the retro Berlin School style, in mode relaxation. Frank Rothe has never hidden his interest for the EM of the vintage years which exploited the long evolutionary ambiospherical structures endowed with soundscapes which lined the threshold of the anesthesia. It's exactly the idea behind ...THE FIRST TIME. An ideal musical experience for relaxation, offered on the download platform of the SynGate label (a CD-r version is always available), this first album of Fringo Chills is a raid in the meditative EM with a Berliner touch, where quiet rhythms slumber or burst simply, but always in an approach of Chilling Out.

Seismic Lifestyle makes its start towards the cosmic serenity with lines filled by Gong tones which melt in wide banks of whoosh. Intergalactic noises chirp on this somber introduction where settles a range of electronic tones which little by little are fading in the delicate bites of a line of bass. Ambiocosmic with an approach for the unusual tones a la Tomita or still a la Vangelis of the Beaubourg era, Seismic Lifestyle exhausts its first 7 minutes in an interstellar atmosphere before that a dense veil of metallic mist embraces its long cosmic trip. Noises of clogs resound in the background and sounds of drops breathe also. In fact those are noises difficult to identify, before that an approach of a solitary rider pierces a heavy mass of mist where grumbles a of bass line. This first phase of ambient rhythm breathes more by its bass line than its mild gallop which accentuates the pace towards the point of the 13 minutes, but for a short moment because Seismic Lifestyle muffles its rhythmic shyness in a dense cloud of whoosh where also are whistling some long lost sonic strands. Minimal Pulse plunges us in the Zeit and Picture Music years with lines which buzz and clouds of ambient noises which tame random percussions. It's minimalist and on the verge of the exploration of ambient matter. Bimetall is the jewel here! After a brief introduction stuffed of noises smothered in a cave, a beautiful movement of sequences unfolds crystalline keys which skip in the shade of more opaque keys. A bass line makes resound its radiations, structuring a third ghost phase where the crystal keys create a beautiful morphic melody forged in a glass anvil. Clamors of tom-toms rumble here and there, reminding above all that ...THE FIRST TIME also flirts with the style of ambient and experimental EM. It's a splendid which draws a very hypnotic harmonious path between the ears.

Blue Atmospheres is the most relaxing music piece of this first ambiospherical opus from Frank Rothe. Its introduction is filled with these hollow winds which break up their opacities for a strange pulsatory movement a little before the point of 6 minutes. It's like the alarm of an astral siren of which the strident roaring seem to go out of a factory where we create sibylline shouts. A threatening shadow wraps these shouts. Crushing them even until the last tone. There where hatches out a beautiful movement of sequences, as attractive as in Bimetall, which makes skip keys happy to cavort in more silky winds. This first attack of sequences gets lost in the desert of the hummings, giving way to a superb seraphic walk which shows that Frank Rothe always possesses this touch for the hypnotic rhythms. This passage is worthy of a good music moment Roachian, even if the turbulence of the tones which livens up this passion for the latent disorder in the atmospheres of ...THE FIRST TIME tries to repulse it to the borders of the forgetting. And it's this turbulence which livens up the spirits of Lonely Satelite. To say the least of its introduction! Because after the first 3 minutes, keys begin to skip like if an rubber brand bring them back on a wooden drum, like a kind Bolo game, sculpting these hypnotic minimalist rhythms which invade our brain throughout this discovery of an ambient album, but not that much. Of a rhythmic album, but not too much either. In brief of an album which lulls between two poles but among which the one of the ambient rhythm is clearly more appealing here.

Sylvain Lupari (January 28th, 2016) ***½**

Available at Luna Syngate Bandcamp

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