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GREENOSOPHY II Collected by Mizoo (2017)

Greenosophy Chapter II has to be the best compilation to comes out from the wonderful universe of Ultimae Records

1 Algun Dia (Om Aka Ovnimoon) 7:40 2 Domo (Claudio Prc) 6:26 3 Parsec (Live Edit) (Scann-Tec ) 8:09 4 Security (Cell) 9:35 5 Iolite (Aes Dana) 10:19 6 Grassland (Aes Dana) 10:19 7 Metaworld (I Awake Feat. Hybrid Leisureland) 5:35 8 Throwback (Mystic Crock) 8:48 9 Black Flowers (Ascendant) 9:46 10 As Mnemonics (Miktek) 6:19 Ultimae Records ‎| inre090 

(CD/DDL 80:07) (V.F.) (Psybient & IDM)

I quite like these collections of sound panoramas drawn by the architects of sounds and of ambiences of the Ultimae Records label. Whether it is by Fishimself, Mahiane or Ambientium, these collections give a second breath to titles and, especially, to less known composers. GREENOSOPHY CHAPTER II is the 2nd collection of music forgotten somewhere that Cyril Miserez, alias Mizoo, has the opportunity to remodel according to his comprehensions and his visions. And following to the paradigm of Greenosophy, released in 2012, this second collection of sonic tales is a journey in crescendo in the milky universe filled of glitch and white noises from the Lyon based label.

It's in softness that lgun Dia, by Om Aka Ovnimoon, accosts our ears. A swarm of 6 sequences, in mass of 2, follow one another in a minimalist approach which magnetizes our senses. This morphic lullaby surrounds itself of radioactive mists which extends like a threatening shadow. Domo, from Claudio Prc, follows with a soft rhythm and its effects of echoes which bind themselves in the remains of ghost percussions. The ambiences in sounds and tones, so characteristics to the label, flood little by little the music with percussive parasitic noises and hoops without rigidity which weaken their tones in a psybient to make roam on-line zombies. Each title of this 2nd collection of Mizoo is totally independent one of the other, even if each feeds little by little a growing structure of rhythm. Like this superb title of Scann-Tec, that we were able to appreciate in the Unyt album released just last year. The version proposed and reworked of Parsec comes from a concert and our ears get rather familiar with this very enthralling ambivalent structure. It's the kick-off to the deaf rhythms of a pulsating Trance with Security, from Cell, and Iolite as well as Grassland, two titles from Aes Dana who also does the mastering here with Vladislav Isaev (Scann-Tec). And we are in the rhythmic core of this album with rhythms for marinated zombies, like that of Metaworld (I Awake Feat. Hybrid Leisureland) and its more futuristic vision a la Vangelis, which gets broken by moments of psychedelic moods where the panoply of accessories of white noises and of sonic radio-activities is the king and queen of Ultimae Records. I had a big crush for Metaworld and the heaviness of Iolite. These 2 titles of Aes Dana are tinted of a mortuary atmosphere which would please the fans of Redshift.

Throwback of Mystic Crock is a good discovery! The rhythm, always rather morphic, breathes of its uncertain and evanescent avenues in a very contemporary psychedelic envelope. I like these fragile and timid chords which flutter slightly among the effects of reverberations and which make the charms of titles like this one and Domo. Mizoo keeps the pace and continuous to inject rhythms without passion which are buried by sound effects of which the aestheticism stays prisoner of the vision of Aes Dana Black Flowers of Ascendant follows the more translucent curve of the last 15 minutes of the album. Less weighs down by an annihilating sonic envelope, the rhythm is more fluid with jingles of cymbals which flutter like the wings of butterflies which are getting courted by the very harmonious rhythmic approach. And this new compilation ends in strength with the very good soft and cosmic rhythm of Miktek, revised and corrected by Mizoo; As Mnemonic. The ambiences are very filmic with nice layers and surreal voices on a rhythmic structure which makes float, rather than dance, our members and our senses between good phases of atmospheres. A very beautiful title which concludes this fascinating collection of reworked music. A collection of which the charms get multiply and don't stop growing listening after listening.

GREENOSOPHY CHAPTER II is a very good journey in the aestheticized universe of the Ultimae Records label. The album follows a hallucinating curve towards these rhythms, a kind fusion between techno, trance and cosmic music, which make dance and glide in a sound decoration of which the borders lean on our imagination. There are great moments in this compilation which is one of the best to come out of the wonderful universe of the Lyon based label. A very good work from Mizoo!

Sylvain Lupari (March 5th, 2017) *****

Available at Ultimae Records

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