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INDRA: Generation (2006)

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

In its Techno tendency, Indra charms by the harmonious vision of his furious rhythms

1 Confession (trance edit) 5:49

2 El Gringo 4:50

3 In to the Night 3:53

4 I'm Home Alone 5:04

5 Germinal 5:13

6 Bella Donna 5:11

7 Le Jeu du Maître 5:41

8 Breathless 5:06

9 Cutting Edge 6:03

10 Touareg Love (Bonus Track) 5:21

(CD-R/DDL 52:41) (V.F.)

(EDM, Dance & Trance)

Indra's strength is to surprise from album to album. After a crazy one like The Challenge, I would have expected him to come back with a solid Berlin School style, in order to soften some scared fans. It seems that I don't know him that much. Because this GENERATION is in the same vein than The Challenge. A little less progressive but just as hard-hitting.

Yeahah.... that a female voice throws on a pulsating rhythm that forms the synchronized duo; sequencer/synthesizer. Sound effects mimic nervous percussions that clash before a drum roll adds a real touch of pounding drum. The beat then gets close to techno with more sound effects going underneath some great twisting and turning synth solos. Confession (trance edit) hits a more moderate passage before bouncing with more energy on disordered keyboard chords that find their place in this technoïd tornado. Confession (trance edit) is the image of the musical universe found on this CD with these similar rhythms that are just nuanced enough for each track to have its own structure. The sequences are heavy and multi-directional, creating abundant rhythms supported by pounding percussions. El Gringo features an equally percussive beat but made from a hesitant and nervous keyboard that forms the first sequence. What sounds like real percussions is inserted underneath twisting synth lines with plaintive, high-pitched solos that sound effects fly over leaving a cloud of sounds in its wake. The beat goes off on a rambling tangent with some great percussions play that re-initiates it with more nervous sequences and equally sinuous but more languid solos. Jerky keyboard keys falling in loops open In to the Night. An undulating bass line carves through this main sequence. The percussions support this nervous rhythm crossed by variegated sound effects. With the hollow tones of its tabla percussions and its swirling rhythm on a strange sequence, I'm Home Alone is a nervous track with tribal vocal effects that are typical of the Middle East. The percussions become incisive under a synth that blows lonely laments and manages to create a melodious ode to conclude this track with strange movements.

An agitated sequence pushes the first bars of Germinal. A pulsating bass line supports this bouncing rhythm which is surrounded by circular percussions with cymbals in tssitt-tssitt mode. As the track progresses, the percussions play a more prominent role, pounding the rhythm with heaviness. The blows resound with their echoes, increasing the rhythmic intensity of Germinal under a synth that modulates weak rotating laments. Another track and the same result, Bella Donna modulates its rhythm on its reverberations and a nervous sequence that spirals on an evolving dance techno approach. And the more Bella Donna goes forward, the more its cadence becomes frank, while Le Jeu du Maitre offers a slower and more bewitching rhythm. The chiming notes of its intro mark a pause on this opus teeming with life and musical turbulence. On a fine jerky circular movement, the synth surrounds the track with an aura of serenity that extends even further into the shadows of violin strata that lulls the ear as well as the imagination. Breathless is just like Confession. A DJ with a suave voice enlivens his crowd on the continual rhythm of a hypnotic sequence. A second sequence with heavy loops arouses a rhythm pulled by soft techno percussions and layers of synthesizers with jerky movements. A perfectly arranged track that fits perfectly on the lascivious and passive Cutting Edge and its bass line undulating on resonant percussions that shake the floor. Like a sensual African rhythm, the pulse is slow and driven by a looped sequence and a defiant synth. A languidly lush track that enjoys nuanced percussions, giving a hypnotic depth that shakes our senses. Touareg Love is a bonus track on this CD reissue. The rhythmic spirit is still there with a smooth bass, full percussions, DJ-like sound effects and a swirling, intoxicating sequence. But there is this voice... A suave and warm voice which pushes long erotic sighs, inviting more to a carnal pleasure than dance.

The more I hear Indra, the more I want to listen his music. Even if GENERATION has a techno tendency, the Romanian synthesist charms by the harmonious vision of his furious rhythms. Because behind each title hides a blown or hammered melody which makes us open our ears. Indra has a wide musical vision and contrary to some, he has the talent of his originality.

Sylvain Lupari (December 30th, 2006) *****

Available at Indra Bandcamp

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