• Sylvain Lupari

Joystick The Landing (2022)

Good ambient beats, psychill that flirt with the concept of the 80's dystopian vision

1 The Landing 5:13

2 Two Stars 4:32

3 Metamorphosis 4:18

4 Into the Sun 4:29

5 Entanglement 3:54

6 Moon Landscape 3:39

7 Another Path 5:04

8 Carousel 4:20

Synphaera Music

(DDL 35:31) (V.F.)

(Ambient beats, Psychill, cinematic)

In the world of psytrance or psychill, an album like THE LANDING is considered as ambient music (sic!). Joystick is the latest find from Synphaera Music. And let me tell you right away; this is not an atmospheric album. It offers heavy rhythms, carried by powerful pulsating bass lines, which are not really driving to dance, to move. It is trance or psychill for neurons that are part of the panoply of electronic music (EM) styles that Nikola Vukovic has been dabbling with for about 20 years. The Serbian musician is indeed better known in his country under the aliases of Sarmati and Xpound, where he made a few downloadable albums of goa and progressive trance style in the mid 2010's. THE LANDING is a rather short album that flirts with a cinematographic universe inspired by science fiction, we can make some parallels here with the genre Blade Runner or The Matrix, in dystopian universes. Offered in 24 bits downloadable format only, this first album of Joystick on the Californian label proposes 8 tracks built on almost identical parameters with floating rhythm structures which are also interspersed with atmospheric landscapes before being reborn with a slightly renewed ardour.

Crystalline keyboard chords tinkle in the opening of the title-track, radiating a caramelized background sound of a cobalt blue. The fluctuation in the tinkling arpeggios creates a delicate ambient melody of which the resonance melts into a setting that lets a more sibylline synth wave float by. Elegiac, this opening is harpooned as soon as the first minute by a pulsing bass line that exhales dull rumblings in a rhythmic structure made for wandering pedestrians. The melody always shines a little more, even going it alone in an atmospheric passage around the 3rd minute. This short phase highlights these synth layers whose dystopian vision flirts with the genre of Vangelis in