• Sylvain Lupari

Mathias Grassow Through an Unknown Stargate (2022)

Updated: Oct 2

A very beautiful album of ambient music a bit complex where the universes of great names in the genre are crossing

1 Born out of Nowhere 4:03

2 The Drivers of Fate 25:17

3 Greenwashing 8:59

4 Through an Unknown Stargate 35:15

5 Through an Unknown Stargate (Bonus Track) 60:24

Cyclical Dreams CYD0063

(DDL/CD(r) 73:37) (V.F.)

(Ambient Music)

The management of Cyclical Dreams continues to amass the big catches. After Michael Brückner, Christian Fiesel and Paul Ellis, the Argentinian label proposes to make us discover the music of a veteran of atmospheric electronic music (EM), Mathias Grassow. The German musician has an impressive discography of more than 400 releases (Tapes, vinyl, CD, compilations and downloads) spread over a distance of 42 years, since Erste Aufnahmen released in 1980. His name is more often than not associated with more experimental ambient EM with sometimes hypnotic rhythm sequences. This is exactly what we find on THROUGH AN UNKNOWN STARGATE, a more interesting album than one can anticipate, and which possesses the necessary ingredients to seduce a wider audience. The album was made during the Interstellar Ambiance sessions in spring 2022. For Mathias Grassow, this is the instrumental question to humanity; where our planet is going if we continue like this...

It's under a knot of vibrating waves and guttural breaths unraveling in the shadow of tinklings that Born out of Nowhere activates a slow rhythm around its second minute. The murmurs have this texture of didgeridoo as well as bleatings of a cross between man and sheep. One would be led to believe in a vague tribal incantation that the percussion roots with slowly spaced beats that structure a slow hypnotic trance, while the sonic texture is stigmatized in sinuous buzzing breezes and incantatory ululates. The Drivers of Fate begins with an opaque wave of drones. A more musical wave oscillates behind these dull hums, counterbalancing the very dark vision of the first minutes of a long track where our ears have to be on the lookout in order to catch the multiple nuances, like these breaths with more luciferian vibrations, which develop inside the 25 minutes of this purely atmospheric track. A chthonian horn emerges from this cloud of buzzing radioactivity a little after the 5th minute. Its long laments come and go in this docile turbulence of the atmospheric elements, bringing a lyrical rather than a sibylline side to this passive sono