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“EDM to the roots of the Berlin School that one dances on or one listens to you, the sounds full the ears”

1 I remembered Tomorrow (Cant remember Mix) 9:06

2 34 years later (Intrumental Mix) 6:55

3 Beyond the Rules (Nightmare Mix) 10:23

4 Groundcontrol (Final Mix) 9:07

5 Syndae's Theme (Boot from Moon LIVE Mix) 6:43

6 Beyond the black Door (Final Mix) 7:53

7 Simply Ethereal (Hands up Mix) 9:37

8 Theia (Stutter Mix) 7:56

(CD-r 67:40) (V.F.)

(EDM, Berlin School)

Second album in concert to follow what seems to be a conceptual path for Moonbooter music, EVIL 18 2DE was recorded at the Schwingungen Scheunenparty, in Ahlen Germany in July 2018. The show followed the release of Cosmosonic and preceded too that of Groundcontrol and the Victory of Mankind. Two tracks from each of his albums appear on this audio recording made to make people dance on a beautiful EM day as part of Electronic Circus Day.

It's with I Remembered Tomorrow (Cant Remember Mix) that Moonbooter is about to charm a public come to hear and see 5 artists invited to this event. The idea is good, and it's in an introduction imagined in the corridors of darkness that the heavy and slow rhythm offers this delicate melody eater of emotions. This melody is whistled here by a synth that warms its musical envelope for the show. But in terms of rhythm, this Cant Remember Mix is aptly named. Also taken from the Cosmosonic album ,34 years later (Intrumental Mix), although introduced with an unreal voice effect, actually has had another year! Beyond the Rules (Nightmare Mix) doesn't bring shame the moods of the album The Wave. Here the beat seems more fierce and the language of the machines is much more intimidating. Also introduced by this voice from cosmos, Groundcontrol (Final Mix) is quite similar to its original version. Everything is played loud and the melody differs just a bit. Ditto for Beyond the Black Door (Final Mix), the other title of Groundcontrol and the Victory of Mankind. Simply Ethereal (Hands up Mix) belongs to the Cosmoharmonics album and its furious rhythm is well rendered. I will repeat myself but it's the universe of EM live here where the rhythmic bases are pre-recorded and therefore identical, as with Theia (Stutter Mix) which belongs to Schwarzmond where it is possible that the melody is more accentuated. But one way or another, it's a good title that looks better in its closing role at this Moonbooter concert. But before the conclusion of EVIL 18 2 DE, let's talk about this superb interpretation of Syndae's Theme (Boot from Moon LIVE Mix) which is an excellent surprise and a very beautiful version interpreted by Moonbooter of this legendary radio show about EM. Solid! EDM to the roots of the Berlin School that dances or listens to you, the sounds full the ears.

Sylvain Lupari (September 4th, 2019) *****

Available at MellowJet Records

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