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MYTHOS: The Modern Electronic Kamasutra (2002)

An album more musical than complex, soaked with an Eastern sensuality which transports and opens the senses

1 Climaxutra 7:03

2 Love Your Rythm 4:06

3 A Tribal Affair 5:09

4 Total Passion 4:25

5 Hymnosutra 8:14

6 Un Desir Ardent 8:52

7 Pagode D'amour 6:57

8 Heat-A-Sutra 6:06

TIM Company

(CD51:06) (V.F.)

(Meditative, New Age)

Here is the latest musical madness of Mythos! First produced in 2001, MODERN ELECTRONIC KAMASUTRA is a work of the magnitude of the copulative imagination of Mythos; an electronic fresco, tinged with oriental breaths with bodily and spiritual delusions that only he can offer with the pretension of his cultural ambitions.

From the first notes of Climaxutra, we are immersed in a mythical world of lust where the rhythm is slow, imbued with a latent sensuality, and propelled by rich mellotron tones. The violins form the rhythmic structure which grows on more fluid passages and samplings of Chinese choirs. Short but effective title, Love Your Rythm is curt and lively with metallic percussions which hammer a progressive rhythm on very good violins of the mellotron. A hard-hitting track that combines harshness and tenderness with robust orchestrations. More tribal and just as impactful, A Tribal Affair takes us deep into oriental roots on heavy and lively rhythms for an electronic fresco. After the wise and relaxing Total Passion, Hymnosutra takes a more sequenced corridor with tribal pulsations and a very good mellotron which gives off a very suggestive and rather melodious sensuality. The impulses of violins are contagious on heavy and catchy sequences. It's one of the good titles on this opus. To be enjoyed with the same approach as body contact. On a more progressive structure and a strong oriental incandescence, Un Desir Ardent floats on Chinese violin chords. A nice melody on hesitant bass structures and good orchestrations which plunges us into a musical universe with oriental spiritualities. Very musical, Pagode D'amour takes us into Thierry Fervant's first electronic effervescences. All in softness, the synth sails on a serene sequencer which let slip a slightly galloping structure with a good bass which solidifies the base, while it and its sound effects trace a very melodious imprint. Heat-A-Sutra presents a very jazzy scent and very suggestive vocal incantations. Perhaps the only track which loses a little of this oriental essence, the music drifts to take a more musical and very sensual tangent with rather permissive ambiences.

MODERN ELECTRONIC KAMASUTRA is an album more musical than complex, soaked with an Eastern sensuality which transports and opens the senses. There are superb moments where electronic is all. But the Chinese theatrical aspect, of a rapturous tribalism, gives an unexpected direction to this opus where synth odes and superb mellotron mix melodiously with Chinese shades.

Sylvain Lupari (July 18th, 2009) ***½**

Available at Mythos

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