• Sylvain Lupari

Paul Ellis & Pabellón Sintético Clouds and Terrain (2022)

A great and solid album where each track is a little jewel for the ears

1 The Book of Life is Written with Disappearing Ink 6:05

2 The Gray Horizon 8:14

3 Rhythm and Drift 7:37

4 Neon Fireflies 7:04

5 Verdant Microcosm 5:50

6 Clouds and Terrain 13:23

7 Fluid Architecture 6:31

8 Window to the Exact Moment 6:27

9 Melodic Fragments in Amber 16:05

Cyclical Dreams CYD 0066

(DDL/CD(r) 77:19) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School)

I usually listen to Paul Ellis' music to relax, he makes an excellent ambient Berlin School style, or to guide me to an afternoon nap. But here, I can tell you that it was impossible to fall asleep on the loud and lively rhythms of this CLOUDS AND TERRAIN, an album made with the collaboration of Pabellón Sintético. The same one who gave us the excellent Instructions for Building an Orange in 2021. The 2 artists have this same vision to create an electronic music (EM) which goes out of its comfort zone. If Pablo Bilbao is more comfortable in a progressive New Berlin School style, with very Tangerine Dream tones, the American musician favors a more atmospheric vision often haloed by cosmic tones, wandering arpeggios or other sound effects that make our neurons work. Let's say that Pabellón Sintético has the ascendancy over Paul Ellis in this first collaboration, which is centered on electronic rhythms oscillating between rock and EDM while flirting with the New Berlin School style, except for the cinematic and atmospheric of Mel