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PRZEMYSLAW RUDZ: Constellation MOA (2021)

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

P Rudz is not shy to present another good album of cosmic electronic music

1 Remembrance from the Beginning of Time 12:17

2 Explorer's Diary 7:16

3 Constellation MOA 5:15

4 In the Backwoods of the Niepołomice Forest 5:54

5 Error in Calculations 9:04

(DDL 39:49) (V.F.)

(Prog EM, Cosmic Rock)

A cosmic wave spreads its cloud of reverberations from which coarse sound filaments emerge. On the other hand, there is an opaline line whose translucent chant is fragmented to add a more astral color to the opening of Remembrance from the Beginning of Time. Composed as part of the Niepołomice's Youth Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory (MOA stands for Młodzieżowe Obserwatorium Astronomiczne), CONSTELLATION MOA pays homage to one of the oldest and most distinguished institutions for the popularization of astronomy in Poland. Being a big astronomy fan himself, Przemysław Rudź was not shy to present another good album of cosmic electronic music.

Cosmic wave stretches to get metamorphose into abyssal song, Remembrance from the Beginning of Time drifts through a timeless corridor that fills with astral voices. A long fall that ends in a progressive rock explosion around the 7th minute. The rhythm is heavy and slow, punctuated by good percussions and embellished by a melodious synth line which transforms it into a chorus with a guitar appearance in its tone. A very good strobe movement of the sequencer surrounds this rhythm of an electronic veil with good nuances in its development. The second turn of the synth is supported by layers of voices, giving more depth to this very good, stunning and powerful progressive rock. Explorer's Diary begins with samples from a telecommunications center, before fat, resonant keyboard chords, like Jean-Michel Jarre's signature, add a cosmic dimension. Cosmic sound effects occupy the ambiences created around the refractions of these chords, until percussions sign a cosmic downtempo just before the 4th minute mark. Meowing like a cat, the synth launches strident solos that twirl over a structure that literally sounds like the French musician.

Speaking of JMJarre, it's impossible to deny his influences here, especially on a track like Constellation MOA which is a mix of Revolutions and Waiting for Cousteau. The bass is delectable and so attractive on this jerky rhythm, like a Techno for Zombies marinated in THC. The synth is not left out with these harmonic solos highly creative of musical itch. The beats that chant the march of In the Backwoods of the Niepołomice Forest support an ambient phase that lasts the full distance and suits the dimension of the track well. After this static track, electronic particles start to flutter in the opening of Error in Calculations. The result is a fall of atoms, and later a fall of iconoclastic noises, which merges with orchestrations in a long opening that flirt with 4 minutes. The rhythm that emerges is imprecise with an Electronica feel and those rapper throat's knocks. Progressing to change rhythmic patterns and reach a driving cosmic rock, Error in Calculations also offers those meowing solos under a bass line that would raise the body of a Zombie under a carpet of percussions and percussive effects that would make a dozen puppets jig.

An album too short?! It depends on your point of view! I like a 40-minute album of creative and energizing music better than an 80-minute album where a quarter of it is used to fill empty spaces. Available only in download format, CONSTELLATION MOA is a solid album by the Polish visionary musician. A Przemysław Rudź at the top of his game and not afraid to step outside his comfort zone. That is to say the shorter tracks and more on a mode of dance music

Sylvain Lupari (September 13th, 2021) *****

Available at Przemysław Rudź Bandcamp

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