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Remote Vision Into Light (2018)

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Into Light is good ambient music with a strong appeal for cosmic elements drawn by many layers with contrasting tones and colors

1 Into Light 7:12 2 Astral Artifact 6:08 3 The Garden Unveiled 7:53 4 Titan's Glade 10:00 5 The Glittercliff 6:45 6 The Sullen Gulf 4:54 7 The Quiet Barrier 7:34 8 Trial Sixteen 7:02 Exosphere | exo06

(CD/DDL 57:30) (V.F.) (Cosmic Ambient Music)

Radio beeps fade into the floating movements of synth pads blowing colors of blue and of brown. A reverberant wave rises, blowing a cryptic color into a horizon where Earth and Cosmos are copulating. INTO LIGHT says what it means! A music of enigmatic vibes where moments of intensity raise prism particles and layers of ethereal voices barely whispering behind peevish breaths. A little as if in the light was hiding a terrible secret! Remote Vision is the solo project of Don C. Tyler, who is also Chris Bryant's accomplice in the Ascendant project. And unlike the Californian duo's pretty Berlin School of floating sequencing patterns, Remote Vision's music is rather in the ambient style with a strong propensity for cosmic music. INTO LIGHT is its 2nd opus, the second in 2018, and proposes an EM whose tonal wealth manages to seduce an imposing legion of cosmic EM fans. And its title-track is a good indicator of the next 50 minutes of a meditative album, but not too much because of its sonic adrenaline rushes as well as its huge pool of sound effects and of synth multilayers with contrasting effects. And if the imagination is unlocked, we go to meet a music of the 3rd kind.

Astral Artifact bursts into an ocean of effects where the chimes tinkle in the bowels of a choir where the intergalactic mermaids hide. It's a title of winds, mostly hollow, of sonic whispers and slight buzzes that are surrounded by sound effects probably inspired by the world of Michael Stearns. But no matter, it's very ambient and floating and especially very cosmic. Titan's Glade is a bit like that, but with much more intensity, both in terms of sound and of auditory show. The finale is the apocalyptic genre of an underwater universe. The Garden Unveiled is the perfect example of a music which stretches its inspirations between the elements of Earth and Cosmos, much like the opening title, but with nice musical filaments that make the ear tickle. One always stays in ambient music and in panoramic atmospheres with the tranquil multi-colored and multilayered momentums of The Glittercliff which perfectly mixes the fragrances of Steve Roach and Tangerine Dream, in particular in the slow harmonic progression of the scarlet ice arpeggios. The Sullen Gulf is a dark title just like its title indicates. Looks like The Glittercliff has made hatched the arpeggio nest of INTO LIGHT. They seem to shed tears here while in The Quiet Barrier are breaths and synth breezes coming out of an armada of dark layers with sighs of gloom. Trial Sixteen concludes this second Remote Vision album with the most meditative title, the most radiant of INTO LIGHT which has become a good ally in my iPod, music section for sleeping. Sylvain Lupari (February 9th, 2019) ***** Available at Exosphere's Bandcamp

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