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Romerium Nebula Sequences (2016)

Updated: May 22, 2023

“Nebula Sequences is a nice surprise which worth the download and which will please for sure to the fans of Roach, Schulze and Indra”

1 Nebula Sequences 1 15:32 2 Nebula Sequences 2 16:50 3 Nebula Sequences 3 15:26 4 Nebula Sequences 4 14:48 Romerium Music

(DDL 62:36) (VF) (Berlin School)

Romerium is the project of Rene Montfoort, a Dutch musician who goes around in the circles of EM since 2002 when he formed White along with Michel Bekkering. After 5 albums, which caressed the diverse poles of modern EM such as Ambient, Berlin School and even New Age, the duet added 2 other musicians in 2005 to form ModularWhite. And still there, the band interpreted an EM which gathered nectar between the ambient and Berlin School styles as well as replace the New Age approach by a sort of electro-pop. And since 2009, Rene Montfoort is all alone in his new musical venture with the name of Romerium. His experience here is undeniable, him who is already at his 15th album since 2002, and can be feel in a good control of his ambiences on minimalist rhythms where the impression to hear Steve Roach, Neuronium and even Indra is not completely false. NEBULA SEQUENCES is his 6th album. And I have to admit that I was pleasantly charmed by these old aromas of the vintage years that Rene Montfoort has restored admirably with his range virtual of instruments.

Nebula Sequences 1 invites us in this very beautiful discovery with an introduction loaded of hollow winds and sound effects borrowed from an organic fauna of another world. The impression to hear a light fluty breeze remains as likely as a mirage. A movement of sequences loosens its keys which parade with a light effect of jerk, braiding a delicate stroboscopic movement which derives like a snake sleeping on the webs of cosmos. Minimalist, the structure of rhythm derives between beautiful layers of a synth filled of ether and behind a melody which hums with gleaming arpeggios. We have the feeling to be on familiar ground, but without being able of pointing the finger at which. This impression of having already heard without being capable of specifying neither who nor what is all at the honor of Romerium who possesses thus his own style. I dreamed of having heard Adelbert Von Deyen lost in mists full of astral voices of Software. The influence which has guided the evolutionary structure of Nebula Sequences 2 is very clear! Steve Roach in his deep immersive atmospheres of the series Immersion and the furious rhythm of the Stormwarning period which quietly diverts towards Schulze and his samplings era. That remains very good, even with these strong fragrances of influences. Nebula Sequences 3 takes out its roots from the Roumanian School with a lively structure decorated with sequences which sparkle and jump in all senses on a fiery ballet of fireflies starving for light. The arrangements are very well made with flavors of East and with Arabian synth layers which float and wave on a structure always so rebel, even with some short phases a little bit quieter at the level of the moods but not in the rhythm which has constantly the jitters. Hummings, mooing, metallic breezes and layers of voices furnish the opening of Nebula Sequences 4, by far the most fascinating title of NEBULA SEQUENCES. The sequencing pattern is hopping with keyboard riffs perfumed of sibylline charms. A double gets loose from the movement, creating a rhythmic figure which jumps alternately under the tears of synth filled of those always esoteric flavors. Like a long skeleton of snake which hiccups and grabs back its bones, the charmingly chaotic rhythm takes root in its minimalist membrane whereas that good synth solos wind and overfly this strange limping pattern of which the effect of hypnosis is fainting in one finale as much intensely noisy than the introduction.

For an EM offered according to the generosity of the buyer, NEBULA SEQUENCES is an album which is worth to download! The minimalist structures of Romerium don't have to be ashamed of the Rumanian movement. And the Berlin School approach is a good mixture between the vintages years and the rather contemporary approach of Klaus Schulze. There are some very good moments on this album which will to seduce more than one, among which the fans of Steve Roach, Indra and Klaus Schulze. Romerium! To discover because it’s good and because it’s still not expensive.

Sylvain Lupari (January 28th, 2017) ***½**

Available at Studio 4632 Bandcamp

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