• Sylvain Lupari

RON BOOTS: When it gets dark (2021)

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

This is the recording of Ron's very good concert at the Byss Studio at the end of 2020

1 7:08 (28:51)

2 36:55 (22:43)

3 59:59 (28:00)

Groove | GR-302

(CD/DDL 79:34) (V.F.)

(Berlin School, Dark Ambient)

The period of confinement forced the artistic community to reinvent the rules for its survival. It took a certain period of time to finally see the appearance of shows on internet platforms. At the level of the Berlin School-style of EM, the prize goes to Bas Broekhuis and his Byss Studio where REMY and Däcker, the video is still available, Skoulaman and Ron Boots, among others, gave intimate performances absolutely free of charge which were broadcast on Facebook. Ron Boots' performance took place on November 28, 2020. Encouraged by his fans and his entourage, the boss of Groove looked into the possibility of making an album. Not entirely satisfied with the result, our friend Ron started adding chords and effects when requested. In his own way, he has Tangenizing the whole thing in spaces needed. In return, this activity took place when he was alone and in the shadows of his studio, hence the title WHEN IT GETS DARK and the ambiences surrounding the rhythmic progression of his very good performance at the end of November 2020.

A reverberating line is transformed into a thick cloud of sound radioactivities which sweeps the horizons with an approach as prismatic as the title of this latest Ron Boots album. The radioactive mass moving slowly, our ears are the witnesses of these iridescent streaks which pierce the shell. A voice in a vocoder mumbles phrases whose incomprehension is even more blurred by an avalanche of synth pads and layers as well as light fluty tunes which perceive this possibility of cleaning up the ambiences. Rather, it's an ambient rhythmic structure that emerges around the 6 minutes. Hesitant, this rhythm remains well in withdrawal welcoming a string of arpeggios in different and nuanced colors whose plasticized choreography stigmatizes in a suspended spheroidal dance. The moods are as dark as ever with an arsenal of gas jets and powdered drizzle as the synth emits a series of moans to define 7:08 in its role of contemporary chthonic mood music. Packed in a stationary mass, these oscillations form the cradle of a rhythm rolling constantly on its impulses and its comings and goings, creating the illusion of an imaginary passage. King of his domain in suspension, Ron Boots makes hatching his solos which fly over this frozen rhythm in a Mephistophelic vibe. These solos scream while drawing luminous arabesques above a structure which little by little sees its riches disappear in a long dying finale. The oscillations became static sparkles and the solos invite the musical craftsmen to beat in retirement. There is life in this finale which drifts into the dark moods of 36:55. In fact, since the opening of WHEN IT GETS DARK, the ambiences remain in tune with its title, like that of the cover rather revealing of the state of mind of Ron Boots during the tangenizing of his album.