• Sylvain Lupari

SENSITIVE CHAOS: Seeker after Patterns (2011)

Updated: Jul 8

The rhythms are mostly minimalist with a very mixed tones' palette adding in

1 Seeker after Patterns 10:41

2 Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire 7:29

3 A Piece of Stars 6:13

4 L'Ascension 7:30

5 Sensitive Chaos 5:26

6 Thoughts of Home in a Sand Storm 8:59

7 Psychic Twins of Gemini 4:59

8 Simon Stilites Dreams of Rain (Chaotic Remix) 7:48

Bonus Tracks/Radio Edits

9 Seeker after Patterns Radio Edit 1 6:30

10 Seeker after Patterns Radio Edit 2 4:59

Subsequent Records SRI001-03

(DDL 70:41) (V.F.)

(Tribal Ambient, Progressive New-Age)

Sensitive Chaos is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist Jim Combs who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He invites musicians, some of whom become regulars, to perform and record his compositions. SEEKER AFTER PATTERNS is a 4th album that navigates between delicate southern rhythms, with a somewhat tribal flavor, and ambient structures. The rhythms are mostly minimalist with a very heterogeneous palette of sounds which get grafted in, giving SEEKER AFTER PATTERNS a rich musicality that arouses the ears listening after listening.

The discrete bouncy chords that introduce the title-track are quickly harpooned by bass chords that juxtapose a slightly zigzagging rhythmic approach. This slightly jerky rhythm evolves through its minimalist cycle with the addition of various instruments. The wavering chords of the synth have a nasal tone. It drops fluttering layers that give a strange harmonious shield which is wrapped by silky synth lines and sparkling electric piano chords. Brian Good's melancholic saxophone precedes a very ambient moment where the electric piano chords dance in a mellotron mist before the rhythm, which advances stealthily, resumes its pace with a more incisive approach. Warm Glow of the Atomic Fire is a soft soaring trac