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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The Lunar Trilogy is a 3 remixes CD with 3 different ways to present the same thing in 3 different ways

1 Solitudes Lunaires (Apollo 2019 version) 33:52

2 Solitudes Lunaires (Original EXTENDED) 24:46

3 Solitudes Lunaires (Xmas 2018 version) 26:38

(DDL 85:16) (V.F.)

(Minimalist, New Berlin School)

A little post to talk you about this remix of a very good title from Sequentia Legenda's repertoire. Solitudes Lunaires appeared on the mega Extended in 2016. The original extended version is of the same duration as said original version. The sound is more amplified here, giving more relief to this music whose intensity makes its presence felt from the first seconds. Small steps run through the lunar decor of this introduction, while Laurent Schieber forges these tireless loops which are extracted from the blue vapors of the ether layers. Chimes sound the charge around the 8 minutes, leading Solitudes Lunaires towards its rush of adrenaline with successive beats and whose jerks draw a strange cosmic rodeo. The rhythm looses its Body Love grip to stretch out its jerky spasms which intoxicate the percussions of which the strikes will lose their shine with an avalanche of voices falling around the 14th minute. It's the art of simplified minimalist music that Sequentia Legenda installs with its armada of small sequenced steps that fidget in a spirit of wandering amplified by these layers of seraphic voices. That's basically what I wrote about these 25 minutes of minimalist EM that pass very well at any time of the day. The recipe has not changed ... or almost. Laurent added percussive spices and more hearing vitamins in this long minimalist structure ideal for the genre.

THE LUNAR TRILOGY therefore offers 2 new versions of this flagship title whose scents of Body Love devoid of velocity, solos and Harald Großkopf's drums, impose its law with rich synth layers of chloroform. These layers hide the dormant choirs and a subtle gradation in a phase of evolutionary rhythm which always remains in its universe of inclination. Offered as part of the 50th anniversary of Apollo, Solitudes Lunaires (Apollo 2019 version) exploits a more cosmic theme with the voices of cosmonauts in the mists of the introduction. It reminds me a lot of Electronic-Universe from Software on the Electronic-Universe Part II album. The slow rhythm structure shines so much in the scents of P.T.O. that we believe to be in the studios of Klaus Schulze listening to a new remix in the Chill Out style. The additional minutes are a delight for the ears and the senses, with a wild approach that is well structured by solid percussion. This is big cosmic electronic rock here! After hearing this more vitaminized version of Solitudes Lunaires, Solitudes Lunaires (Xmas 2018 version), that I still had not heard, arrives with its subtleties. And what a nice surprise to hear a rhythmic structure clearly more vivified with a lot of percussions and percussive elements, like these tingles which follow the evolution of the sequencer and this effect of weightlessness in the ascending loops full of restrained. More alive, with a more dramatic vision in the rhythmic implosions, this version is as tasty as the original but a little less than Solitudes Lunaires (Apollo 2019 version).

Laurent Schieber has a marketing sense like I have rarely seen in the industry. His presence and his publications are all justified since his music is beautiful. Simplistic and long for nothing will say some, while I think the opposite. It's true that it is repetitive music, but Sequentia Legenda has this art of tying up his emotions with an incredible tact to come and get mine. And I'm not the only one from what I see! THE LUNAR TRILOGY offers 3 musical paintings painted on 3 different days and from the same place and at the same time. The weather was different in these 3 days, exposing all the nuances of a beauty that is revealed from a different angle at each time. Wonderful!

Sylvain Lupari (January 20th, 2020) *****

Available on Sequentia Legenda Bandcamp

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