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TANGERINE DREAM: Das Romantische Opfer (2008)

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

It's sweet, romantic and very close to the latest Nagasaki series, but it's really short...

1 Das Romantische Opfer 14:26

Mini CupDisc Eastgate 030

(CD/DDL 14:26) (V.F.)

(E-Rock New Berlin School)

Distributed during the Lorelei concert on July 18th, 2008, DAS ROMANTISCHE OPFER is the 3rd Cup Disc. A limited edition (so not a real Cup Disc?) that sells for the price of a Cup Disc... which initially promised a minimum of 30 minutes of music... Well, it's Edgar and that's okay! (or isn't it?)

Let's talk about music now. It's beautiful. It's even very beautiful. A melancholic Edgar Froese who starts the music with a strange lament on a wavering rhythm. Soaked in the vapors of Tangram, Das Romantische Opfer is a contemporary tale with the mermaids of Ulysses. A nice musical fable that evolves on a floating synth with vaporous waves and nuanced orchestrations. Some good nervous percussions contradict the softness of the movement, while Das Romantische Opfer builts a crescendo towards a more austere movement before sinking into the soft reveries of mermaids wiggling on fine percussions, a good guitar playing and a fluty mellotron. All this before giving way to a sweet six-string solo from old Edgar Froese. It's sweet, romantic and very close to the latest Tangerine Dream's Nagasaki series. But it remains a very short Cup Disc!

Sylvain Lupari (October 27th, 2008) ***½**

Available at Groove nl

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