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TANGERINE DREAM: One Times One (2007)

Four interesting new tracks and two equally interesting remixes; Edgar is on fire, even if a little warmth, soul and passion would still help

1 Sadness of Echnaton Losing The World Child 6:25

2 Man (Instrumental) 4:52

3 Modesty And Greed 7:04

4 Loved By the Sun (Instrumental) 3:38

5 Gleeful Poets Crying Softly 8:22

6 Daughters of Time 9:01

(CD 39:25) (V.F.)


Here's the new fantasy of Eastgate and its treasurer; create 30-40 minutes' mini albums that you can enjoy over teatime with friends. This is called a CUPDISC. WoW !!! Hey boy boy… A cookie with that? How not to be more commercial and seller, regardless of the product? At times Edgar and his court really look like money printing machines ... without really having the product! Except that without being great music, ONE TIMES ONE is surprising. Old Froese knows tobacco and knows how to make music. One of his problems is that he tends to forget the nuances. But is it that important? Are we looking for music or memories? In a very metallic ambience, the old lion with long teeth gives a particular attraction to his cup of tea by inserting solos of a guitar which seems to replace the synth on structures of lively rhythms where the sequences have a little taste of deja-heard in unbridled patterns like a certain Chris Franke knew how to do.

Sadness of Echnaton Losing the World Child is an electronic rock which revolves around good percussions in Techno mode to which will be added later some manual percussions of Bongos style, without forgetting the sequencer. What amazes is the guitar play from a creative and inspired Edgar Froese who throws good solos in a setting inspired by a cold fusion of synth and artificial voices. The rhythm is progressive and constant with well-chiseled keyboard chords where at times you would think to hear Jerome Froese. Except that it's indeed the patriarch who succeeds in extracting a very rock musical structure with synth lines at times melodious and other times effective with its sibylline airs. It's a fiery title where the cup of tea might take a hit, just like on Modesty and Greed; TD's Cool Breeze of Brighton of the 00's. It's a hot title that rocks the shed down with good electronic percussions and sequencer textures which make dribbling their jumping balls like Franke used to do in the 80's tours. Froese's guitar is superb and chews this rhythm with solos which turn icy as they get predictable and calculated. Thus, forgetting all subtleties and nuances in tones, one of the great weaknesses that Tangerine Dream has imported from the TDI years and which goes on in the world of Eastgate, at least here on this CUPDISC. Despite all, it's another heavy and effective title which puts ants in your pants, like Gleeful Poets Crying Softly which doesn't have the same scope but which has a tribal charm. Its spasmodic and frenetic rhythm of the sequencer is largely inspired by the album Hyperborea. The honeyed side of this tea, coffee or herbal hour belongs to Man (Instrumental) which comes from Madcap's Flaming Duty and is rendered without vocals here, but with vocal samplings with a false passion from the Atomic Seasons series. Regardless, I prefer this version! Edgar's guitar is inspiring on this track and on Loved by the Sun too, without Jon Anderson, and which is the same as on the 86 tour with a much more incisive guitar. It's a good interpretation that is worth the recordings in concert of Tangerine Dream in 1986. Daughters of Time is like a cross between the atmospheres of Atomic Seasons and the cold and emotionless rhythms of the TDI years. It's not bad! It's more the kind of thing that will appeal to fans who have discovered TD in their Seattle years.

Four interesting new tracks and two equally interesting remixes; Edgar is on fire! ONE TIMES ONE is a pleasant surprise that nevertheless releases an element of annoying coldness, requiring listening in dispersed doses. Good but cold, like a cup of tea lying around to be drink, with good patterns from the sequencer and that special Grandpa Froese's guitar. No matter the samplings from the different eras, there are some great times on this CUP Disc, but a little warmth, soul and passion would help.

Sylvain Lupari (July 29th, 2011) ***½**

Available at Groove nl

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