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THE LONG LIGHT: Our Waking Hours (2014)

A deep ambient work, Our Waking Hours sounds so much like a hommage from Andy Codon to Brian Eno

1 Our Waking Hours (Part I) 21:56

2 Our Waking Hours (Part II) 17:28

(DDL 39:24) (V.F.)

(Purely ambient music)

The music of The Glimmer Room is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, of the most romantic, even poetic, in the spheres of the modern EM. Rightly, I Remain remains doubtless the most sensitive and the most striking poetic work that have caressed my ears since moons. Why do I speak about The Glimmer Room? Well because The Long Night is a musical project which is parallel to the poetic universe of Andy Codon. Except that here the music is purely ambient. And you are going to tell me that the music of The Glimmer Room is a kind of rather ambiospherical? It's true, but not as much as this one.

A fragile note of piano falls. Its reverberation spreads a shadow of melancholic melody which pierces a fog that only our perception can see. We listen to Our Waking Hours (Part I) like we look through the window of our memories in a day of greyness where the rain leaves the care to the branches to exterminate its last tears. The notes of a piano, as pensive as meditative, scatter themselves on a bed of mist like the most fragile of the dews. Their strewed harmonies accompany the chirping of the morning birds while our heart always hesitates between the shadows and the brightness of a day that we do not know to be autumnal or spring. Borrowing the very ambient paths of the works calcified by harmonies froze in time, OUR WAKING HOURS remains a very intimist album where Andy Codon pays a kind of tribute to Brian Eno. Everything here inhales this oniric delicacy which characterizes the very immersive music of Eno. I like Our Waking Hours (Part I) and its inconsolable notes of piano of which the resonance in our ears ends to weave small melodic verses which enchant even the chirpings of our winged bandits of mornings. On the other hand, Our Waking Hours (Part II) is less acoustic. The chords of piano are replaced by electronic similarities while the astral voices caress a melancholic sweetness which always floods its dreams in the singings of sparrows. If each part offers its analogies, their impacts remain different. We like the acoustic sweetness of Our Waking Hours (Part I) while the seraphic voices of Our Waking Hours (Part II) brings us to another level of contemplativity. But both parts remain as beautiful as soft. As poetic as oniric. And we surprise ourselves in wondering where flies the time, so much that our dreams fly away with its minutes. Sign of another very pleasant rendezvous with the very beautiful music of Andy Condon. And this is true, no matter the names he borrows.

Sylvain Lupari (August 21st, 2014) *****

Available at The Glimmer Room Bandcamp

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