• Sylvain Lupari

THOUGHT GUILD: Archiphonic (2018)

“Archiphonic is a very nice album whose music is ideal to lead a neophyte into the wonderful world of EM”

1 Time Warp 77 5:38 2 Three Moons Melding 4:52 3 Summer's End 9:36 4 Minimus VI 6:18 5 Lifepools (Indonesian Bliss Remix) 7:59 6 Iridescent Resonance (Realm Remix) 7:40 7 Cathedrals of Stone (TCR Remix) 8:58 HHR182003

(CD-r/DDL 51:01) (V.F.) (Pacific & Berlin School)

Here is a new collection of unreleased music that Gregory Kyryluk (Alpha Wave Movement) found in the vault of forgotten recordings of Thought Guild. ARCHIPHONIC thus proposes 4 titles, the four first ones, which were composed around 2000 in the spirit of the composers of the vintage years, be do it all yourself. The music is simply beautiful with a scent of the 70' s and with a vision which meets that of Jean-Michel Jarre, Michael Garrison and Earth Star. In order to complete ARCHIPHONIC, Gregory Kyryluk adds 3 remixes of titles already recorded by Thought Guild during that same time.

It's with an analog warmth of the vintage years that Time Warp 77 comes to our ears. This little gem offers a fluid rhythm with sequences which resonate just enough to give them an elastic tone. These rubbery steps oscillate with a good fluidity which is following the harmonious axis of a synth whose nasal song accepts a misty shadow. We are in the golden years of c