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TIME BEING: An Ocean Of Time (2020)

Dark ambient music where one always wonder if we are in space or in the desert mountains before our ears pick up strange sound signals ...

1 An Ocean of Time 7:09

2 Drifting Form, Ineffable Void 5:47

3 Here. Now. Always. 6:51

4 Infinite Cadence 10:35

5 Unfolding Way 3:56

6 A Perfect Heart 9:44

7 Momentary Illusions 11:21

8 A Notion of Being 15:30

(CD/DDL Hi-Res. 70:56) (V.F.)

(Deep Dark Ambient Music)

Long, slow waves are waving their waashh between our ears. A piano lifts its tinkling and resounding chords in what has all the appearances of a lunar oasis under an intergalactic highway. An Ocean of Time continues to make its waves roll in a diversity of the synth and its high-pitched breaths slightly carried on a vision of the apocalypse. Dull pulsations, isolated voices and streaks with scarlet tones constitute this setting of a between two worlds which stores all the charms of its music in these timeless dark corridors which connect the Cosmos and the darkness of our world. Third album of Time Being, AN OCEAN OF TIME is a purely Dark Ambient album where the sounds of the Cosmos seek their echoes in the bowels of our Earth. These are 70 minutes of a rhythmic lifeless panorama which flows between ears finding time long at times. But these moments are very quickly, and very well, recovered by Phillip Wilkerson and Jourdan Laik who inject elements of rhythms or harmonies, I like the presence of the acoustic guitar, in 8 heavy and invasive structures. Each title is independent, creating slow final which add up silent seconds and without sound except the breathing of the ceiling light. But in the end, it remains an intense album which proudly bears the seal of the exploratory and dark music of this duo of nature which makes its own healing odes.

Sounds tampered with by essences of electronic glitter ooze and sparkle as our senses hang on the descent of Drifting Form, Ineffable Void, whose elements very well represent the spirit of its title. And the more we descend, the more a form of celestial luminosity floods the ambiences with waves rolling upside down and a tone borrowed from the aquatic universe of Michael Stearns. It's these short moments full of emotions that are the spearheads of this album too intense to fall asleep with and too slow to dance on its impulses. Then, the tears and moans of Here. Now. Always. take a poignant curve of repentance with a kind of orchestral tuning which drops arches of violins in a long dark passage. We hear an acoustic guitar scatter chords in search of a melodious framework, while still storming the wooshh and the tears of lonely violins in the dark. And nearby, denser orchestrations separate dream from reality, like the Cosmos from Earth. We are here, now and forever!

Vindictive, this acoustic six-string comes to haunt the void of Infinite Cadence, at least its introduction, whose blue metal tone reflects on all the contours of this long atmospheric tunnel where the muffled beats always remain this key element of the charms of this long symphony of silent voices crying out in despair. We meet a water point in this long desert exile. Short and intense with waves of big torment that come like the breaths of a community of the dead, Unfolding Way carries its cinematic ambiences with a strong perception in the details. This smaller title of AN OCEAN OF TIME seems to have whipped up the mood as A Perfect Heart displays heaviness and intensity in a cosmic panorama where we can touch the Earth with the tips of our eardrums. A particularly good title of Dark Ambient with its drifting momentum! Visiting the landscapes of Here. Now. Always., Momentary Illusions is also aptly named by drawing here and there in the various landscapes of this 3rd album of Time Being in a long sound texture which likes to exploit the fantastic and dread genre. Heavy ambiences are tied to this still very ambient and drifting sound vessel that is the adventure of AN OCEAN OF TIME. A bit like the title-track, A Notion of Being encircles our senses in sound waves where we can hear lost pulsations breathing. The music is slow and takes advantage of the multilayers of the synths to deepen its heavy and dark mass where a violin hardly breathes. And like that, and without noise, the waves projecting the sounds of a dying bagpipe without its musician, as well as these waves which dry up quietly soothe and awaken our senses. We always wonder if we are in space or in the desert mountains before our ears pick up strange sound signals ...

Sylvain Lupari (November 12th, 2020) *****

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