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UWE RECKZEH: Point North (2005)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Point North is a harmonious cd which finds again a little of this essence of Berlin School

1 Maltrine 7:00

2 Illuminated Area 5:51

3 First Legion 5:43

4 The Modding Synth 7:12

5 Visual Contact 9:10

6 Deep Darkness 7:23

7 Point North 8:29

8 Port of Anchorage 6:09

9 Digital Dreams 7:47

(CD-r/DDL 64:48) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, New Berlin School, Soundtrack)

In 1997 Uwe Reckzeh has released Behind the Northern Wasteland. A cd that I liked. On the edge of the Berlin School, he produced music that oddly resembled to the world of Mergener & Weisser, the dynamic duo behind Software. POINT NORTH is his 5th album. And faithful to his approach, he is offering us a harmonious cd which finds again a little of this essence of Berlin School, he who had flirted with synth pop the time of 2 cd.

You don't have to like complicated things to appreciate his music, If you are a fan of long musical contortions and highly elaborate tracks, this album is not for you. It's rather a very accessible and melodious album which includes beautiful musical pearls, like Maltrine. A nice little cosmic melody which opens with a good enveloping synth. The music lets out a slight sequence that dances in our ears. This sequence is mutating and takes more depth when a thin sequenced line, lower and sinewy, crosses it. A nice little piece of music with Tangerine Dream 90's sequencing patterns. And if you like Maltrine, the rest is in the bag. Because the eight other tracks are so much harmonious sweets on varied rhythms and progressive sequences. The art of modifying rhythms, Uwe Reckzeh has it and toys it wonderfully. Throughout POINT NORTH the sequencer is alert and changing direction. The synths have a symphonic and dancing flavor, drawing their inspiration from repertoires as varied as they are impressive. I think of Vangelis and Synergy, passing by the lightness of Yanni and the rhythms of Jean-Michel Jarre. There aren't really any titles that stand out more than others. I like Maltrine, Point North and Digital Dreams which are closer to Berlin School. The others belong to a beautiful melodious and harmonious palette which gives off a lot of heat. If you are hooked on POINT NORTH, I also recommend you Behind the Northern Wasteland and Timecode, two other wonders of electronic music that combine rhythms, sequences, melodies and harmonies.

Sylvain Lupari (August 24th, 2007) *****

Available at MellowJet Records

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