• Sylvain Lupari

V/A BELGIAN EM: Under Construction 2 (2020)

What could be better than that if you have adventurous ears?

1 Waves of Initial Darkness (Unreleased Original) (Rhea) 22:46

2 Making Memories (Dream Invasion) 7:02

3 Hinterland (Unreleased Original) (Ron Boots) 10:09

4 Berlin (Performed Version) (NothingButNoise) 12:46

5 See (99.9) 5:29

6 NmodChan+ (Daniel.B. Prothese) 14:30

db2fluctuation music

(CD 72:42) (V.F.)

(Progressive EM, Berlin School)

I had this compilation for quite a long time! A manufactured CD in a cardboard sleeve is the kind of thing you can easily misplace. For a guy who lives on painkillers on a daily basis, it was inevitable...And it was while writing about the Aeons CD's that I remembered receiving UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2. This promotional CD features music from the artists who will be performing at the db2fluctuation Event - B3200 Belgium on 02/22/2020. There are some big names and big music on this CD which is already discontinued and has a few copies left somewhere. Check it out at info@db2fluctuation.one