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VANDERSON: Exit Earth (2020)

This is pure Techno which doesn't deny at all the old style of Vanderson by have this scents of his Berlin School

1 Forever Young 7:53

2 En-Trance 9:28

3 Collages 6:26

4 In the Distance 7:40

5 From Dawn Till Dusk 6:53

6 Follow to Deepest Feelings 9:19

7 Message for Earth 8:42

Bonus Tracks

8 Hypnotic Revival 8:36

9 Dreamstate Logic 6:39

(DDL 71:41) (V.F.)

(Techno, Trance, EDM)

It's not that Maciej Wierzchowski hadn't warned me! Vanderson's new artistic direction focuses solely on dance music. More than that even… Techno mixed with Trance in a rhythmic vision to make Electronica goes pale. It's OK that I told him. After all, Moonbooter, Stefan Erbe and Aes Dana, to name a few, regularly fill out reviews on Synth & Sequences. So, why not Vanderson's !? Especially since the very credible bellrob, Rob Hartemink, devotes hours to making a video montage on his music on YouTube, like with the opening track Forever Young which features the beautiful voice of Rita Raga. So, let's jump in, while we're at it!

This title begins with luminous and hopping arpeggios in a choreographed awkwardness. The oceanic decor in the background gives a cinematic aspect that befits quite well the melody-romantic vision of the music. The percussions fall, as well as bass pulsations, structuring an EDM anthem which takes a turn of ethereal trance with the voice of Rita Raga. The boxed-percussions (um… I have to say that annoys me) stir as nervously as electronic percussions can do, bringing Forever Young in a good techno stowed with melodious arpeggios as well as a solid base of rhythm and its sequencer which flirts with the New Berlin School genre. Built to clearly appeal to rhythm lovers, this first track is heavy, nervous and curt. The melodious vision is secondary, although Rita Raga's voice and ecstatic murmurs open up a suggestive dimension. Vanderson has made his bed and EXIT EARTH is lined up to be an album of hard-core Techno beats. Almost 10 minutes of sustained rhythm and directed by bursts of boxed-percussions, En-Trance is definitely more effective if you have light feet. Boom-Boom, tock-tock! The rhythm is hopping like the step of an alley gang on a war footing. Organic effects and tribal percussions are the main decorating elements, while keyboard riffs and curt synth pads complete a harmonic vision welded through loops of electronic nightingale vocals. Let's say it hits hard! And Collages sets the pace a notch higher with a funky bass that works tirelessly to support the panoply of percussions and of bass-sequences that hold the mold of this Techno Funk. Samples of voices and good percussive effects, it sounds like the tinkling of a bottle, add to the harmonic dimension of Collages which is clearly more rhythm-oriented than anything else. Honest? My ears are already droning and I have another 48 minutes to absorb.

And we get a little rest with In the Distance, which also features Rita Raga's provocative whispers of ecstasy. These are bluish arpeggios which establish the initial cadence with back and forth steps on a truly short keyboard. The rhythm which follows this imprint is one of the most fascinating on EXIT EARTH with good percussive effects which obsess the hearing. A particularly good title which is from the same repertoire as Moonbooter's EDM and which explodes in a totally wild and deliciously harmonious second part which removes all the concrete that I had in my shoes. From Dawn Till Dusk takes the same trails as En-Trance, as Follow to Deepest Feelings lowers the rhythmic temperature a bit with a nice EDM. A simply great track! I love a title like Message for Earth which combines its sci-fi effects around a strobe belt and cinematic impulses full of restraint. A synth brings out a convincing dialect then the music and its effects spin in an endless spiral. The purchase of EXIT EARTH entitles you to two bonus tracks. Hypnotic Revival follows a bit of the jerky circular motion of Message for Earth. This ambient Electronica adds weight between the 5th and the 6th minute with an elastic and creeping bassline that attaches well to the percussions. It becomes an interesting heavy, strong and powerful down-tempo. The opening of Dreamstate Logic reminds me a bit of Scratching the Surface by Saga. The rhythm is heavy and slow with nice synth harmonies and good metallic pads with an orchestral tint. The rhythm goes circular with its effect of spasmodic jerks. The bass is creepy and vampiric. It holds its place in the range of percussive effects of the title. A tribal choir begins to mutter emphatically words where I think I hear Krishna, but I can't swear. It's different, but it goes more in this album which gradually finds refuge in our ears with a second part which is much more successful.

So, Vanderson was telling me the truth! It's pure and hard Techno that doesn't deny the old style of the Polish musician-synthesist. It turns out then to be the kind of EDM which has scents of his Berlin School.

Sylvain Lupari (October 10th, 2020) ***½**

Available at Vanderson Bandcamp

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