• Sylvain Lupari

ALBA ECSTASY: Shadows in the Dark (2018)

“Shadows in the Dark is an opus without flaws nor lengths that should be on the menu of Klaus Schulze, Remy and Berlin School fans”

1 Shadows in the Dark I 15:58 2 Shadows in the Dark II 7:40 3 Shadows in the Dark III 11:19 4 Shadows in the Dark IV 15:19 Alba Ecstasy Music

(DDL 50:16) (V.F.) (Berlin School)

A cloud of electronic fog and of arrangements welcomes in its floating layers the groans of a synth guitar in mode Jimi Hendrix. We hear a very discreet ticking behind these sharp solos which twirl in all directions, like this red laser's point handled by a malicious hand. The ship of ambiences in the introduction of Shadows in the Dark I drifts gently towards a slight movement of the sequencer. The rhythm is fluid with a continuous line of sequences which makes oscillate swiftly its keys and isolates three of them which hop in stealthy loops, altering a minimalist structure which develops with more speed. The rhythm embraces a more electronic phase with the addition of percussive elements and more chaotic sequences which produce curt and slightly spasmodic movements and that are reminiscent of Tangerine Dream period 74-77, while resonant chords flutter all around a structure living of these fascinating crumbled synth solos. It's in the comeback album of Klaus Schulze, Silhouettes, that Alba Ecstasy drew his inspiration, after a short silence of 3 months, in order to compose the structures of SHADOW IN THE DARK. And yet, nothing here recalls the moods of Schulze's album. In fact, this last one of the Romanian musician-synthesist shines of its thousand fires a true good album of Berlin School with all the influences of the masters of this time.