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ALBA ECSTASY: The Best Of (Vol.1) (2020)

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

A first compilation under the sign of the diversity of his styles which does justice to the music of Alba Ecstasy

1 The Grand Opening 6:11

2 Absence of Gravity 10:26

3 Episode 37 8:12

4 Telirium Dremens 6:38

5 Morphine 16:24

6 eMotion 5:36

(DDL 5:27) (V.F.)

(Berlin School, Ambient, EDM)

How do we make a Best of from an artist as prolific as Alba Ecstasy? It was following a request from his fans that the idea of ​​this compilation quietly germinated in the head of Mihail-Adrian Simion. The title selection process will be based on the number of plays and sales of each title on all legal download platforms, live streams and video views on the Romanian artist's YouTube channel. And the result is as surprising as it puzzled me since the palette of styles of AE is thus found at the same address.

That starts in full strength with The Grand Opening. This catchy track, from the album Bionic Memories in 2017, starts with a line of pulsating bass sequences and its energetic keys. A synth line weaves a short melodic phase on 5 chords flowing as briskly as the sequences in a cosmic setting. The percussions arrive at the point of 40 seconds, propelling the rhythm out of our galaxy in a furious cosmic and progressive electronic rock filled with different choppy harmonic layers. We go from one extreme to the other with the very ambient Absence of Gravity. What surprises me is that this track from Voices from the Past in 2016 is the second to have the most listenings. Like what the immense cosmic landscapes always have the favor of the public. It's a nice title by the way. Again here, we go from one style to another with Episode 37, from Quiet Saturdays, Vol. 6 which is a kind of techno cut from cosmic mushroom. The title track of Telirium Dremens sprouts with sonic graffiti from another form of electronic language. The essence of the music sticks to the spirit of the title with a movement of the sequencer which clicks its dancing keys of tap dancing on speeds (read drug) in a universe of terror. The synth releases a strange sound fauna which has the pleasure to surprise and charm us, while structuring airs of specters in hyperventilation. I can hardly believe that a title as exploratory as Morphine is among the most listened to in the immense repertoire of Alba Ecstasy. This title of the album Berlin School Poetry, released in 2014, breathes a little the same perfumes as albums such as Irrlicht and Blackdance by Klaus Schulze, we are talking about the early 70s here, with the same musical vision quite close to the states comatose morphine. eMotion is the most recent title of this most heterogeneous compilation, Berlin Shades in 2018, and offers a semi-ambient movement filled with cosmic essence on a rhythm which doesn't make the richness of the title.

A first compilation under the sign of the diversity of his styles, THE BEST OF (Vol. 1) is an album, offered at a very good price and always in download format, which does justice to the music of Alba Ecstasy. Each title exposes his ability to flirt with eras and styles, without forgetting his influences. A good way to discover this amazing artist as fertile as he gives us an appointment every month with a new album… or almost 😊

Sylvain Lupari (06/07/20) ****¼*

Available at Alba Ecstasy Bandcamp

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