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ALLUSTE: Aliens Enigmas (2013)

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

A fine complexity in structures, Aliens Enigmas soaks in these electronic moods that made the charms of the unexplained music

1 Gods or Aliens 8:21  

2 Ancient Visitors 9:15  

3 Signals from the Future 10:20  

4 Angels Descended from Heaven 8:17

5 Nibiru 9:26  

6 The Spaceships of Ezekiel 8:12

(DDL 53:53) (V.F.)

(Sequencer-basedNew Berlin School)

A fine movement of sequences emerges between a net of ethereal voices, shaping a fragile rhythm which skips among finely jerky vocalized harmonies. Another line of sequences appears. It makes flutter about its crystal clear keys which pilfer of a motionless movement, enthralled which they are by these seraphic voices which wrap the passive rhythm of Gods or Aliens. A rhythm which harmonizes its fluidity by welcoming a 3rd line of sequences whose soft gallop binds itself in a line of bass and of its furtive movement which oscillates against the current of a structure of rhythm and its morphic tentacles. And contrary to Boards of Stringana, Alluste is watering abundantly its rhythm with nice synth solos which spread a harmonious dew in a sound universe where the sequences trample on with restraint. Frankly, ALIENS ENIGMAS is the most complete work of the Italian synthesist. Piero Monachello structures an album intensely ambiospherical where the lines of sequences multiply in adjacent rhythmic arms, building some silent rhythms which flicker and wave in a musical bath filled by some very Tangerine Dream fragrances of the Franke's years and the rebel sequences structures from a very cosmic Gert Emmens.

The line of bass sequence which feeds the intro of Ancient Visitors completes marvellously the black breaths of the synths which sizzle of grey tones in a Mephistophelian ambience. The keys are snatched by an intense veil of blackness, adding so more ambiences to a dark track which quietly gets out of the shadows with a fine movement of sequences which made waddle its keys with their copies in a silky veil of mists. As much musical as the sequencing, the synth sprays Ancient Visitors of delicate harmonious fragments and heterogeneous tones while that the track takes root in its storm with superb run-ups of sequences which are always harpooned by intense veils as much dark as morphic. A movement of ambiguity in the moods as much similar as on Ancient Visitors keeps a watch on the intro of Signals from the Future, by far the most beautiful track on ALIENS ENIGMAS, whose movement of hypnotic sequences progresses by untying two lines to the crisscrossed rhythmic harmonies. Cymbals are added to this ethereal procession that a synth ennobles with a harmonious approach a bit spectral. Drawing deeply in its 10 minutes, Signals from the Future goes away from its processional approach with a superb movement of sequences which flits like a tornado and its head winds in a heavy and motionless structure of rhythm which reminds of Gert Emmens' works. Totally good!

Over the years, Alluste has learnt to master the art of sequencing and its subdivided rhythms which clone themselves into independent entities. Seraphic voices and sibylline moods open Angels Descended from Heaven whose descent hangs on to a very good bass line to dark pulsations. Alluste spreads out his structure of interlaced rhythms and harmonies with a line of sequences which gets loose from the line of bass, making glitter the keys where the soft kicks oscillate under apocalyptic lines of synth which remind the atmospheres of Wavelenght. These sequences which wave hypocritically are the skeleton of another darker track; Nibiru, of which the fusion sequences and bass line crawl with bewitchment under the lines of synth to black and ghostly breezes whereas the sequencer, always so creative, scatter keys which skip like sheeps without guardian before binding to some sober electronic percussions. It's an intro stuffed with tones of cosmic rattlers which waits for our ears with The Spaceships of Ezekiel from which the ambiospherical opening deviates towards a very beautiful structure of rhythm which undulates of its gallop to the multi sonic and multi harmonic keys. Keys which split up to create other phases of bordering rhythms which skip in a still rotary axis, spinning around like snips of the scissors in an intense veil of sibylline mists.

A fine complexity in structures where the rhythms abound in contradictions, ALIENS ENIGMAS soaks in these electronic moods which made the charms of the unexplained music. Diluting his ambient rhythms like a morphic painting into some spheroidal tornados, Alluste captivates a listening with a seductive complicity between his dark ambiences and his evasive melodies which couple marvellously on figures of rhythms of which the unknown stays the only ally. Very good!

Sylvain Lupari (September 3rd, 2013) *****

Available at Alluste Bandcamp

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